SOURCE: California Milk Processor Board - GOT MILK?

December 16, 2008 12:01 ET

Holiday Beauty From the Inside Out

Esthetician to the Stars Says Kitchen Cupboard Holds the Fountain of Youth

SAN CLEMENTE, CA--(Marketwire - December 16, 2008) - With the holidays drawing near and with food prices soaring, many consumers have no option but to choose necessities over indulgences during this time of year. Those who are accustomed to getting hundreds of dollars in spa treatments before a holiday party are foregoing such "lavishness." In this festive season, the California Milk Processor Board (CMPB), the creator of GOT MILK?, is partnering-up with Hollywood aesthetician Christopher Watt to show that consumers don't need to pay for expensive treatments to beautify themselves. Watt says looking like his A-list clients Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz and Ricky Martin can be attained by using natural treatments as well as consuming the right nutrition.

"Believe it or not, beauty secrets could all be found in the kitchen cupboard," says Watt. "Foods that are good for maintaining a healthy body like milk, fruits and vegetables are also perfect for treatments. Milk already contains the vitamins and nutrients necessary to maintain healthy skin, nails and hair. Yet another reason to add milk to your daily regimen."

Just in time for the holidays and available exclusively on, the skin care recipes Watt has created allow penny-pinching consumers to pamper themselves for a few dollars a day and escape from the stress of the holiday season. Watt blends natural products like milk, tea, honey and essential oils to create recipes that will surely keep the skin vibrant, the hands soft and the hair o' so silky for this season's parties. From his Mother of Pearl Milk & Honey Body Veil to his Orange Blossom Cleansing Milk, Watt's milk-based beauty treatments are easy to make without expending a lot of time, energy and money.

"Chris Watt is a master at using natural, everyday ingredients to create beauty treatments in five minutes or less," says Steve James, executive director of the CMPB. "The recipes highlight the versatility of milk. It's a natural ingredient that's not only good for the skin, hair and nails; it's also a drink that's integral for a healthy lifestyle."

To complement Watt's beauty recipes and to achieve beauty from inside and out, also has refreshing milk-based smoothies blended with other top skin health-promoting ingredients. The Anti-Oxidant Boost smoothie, for example, is a delectable drink with skim milk, pomegranate juice and fresh berries that provides nutrients for a smoother, healthier skin. Other rejuvenating drinks include the Berry Spinach UV Rx Smoothie and the Vitamin A Skin Repair Smoothie -- recipes that could easily be whipped-up as part of one's daily regimen.

"People don't need a celebrity paycheck to maintain a timeless, red carpet look during the holidays," says Watt. "Incorporating the homemade treatments as well as maintaining a healthy diet with milk can help everyone achieve beauty from the inside out."

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About Christopher Watt Esthetics

Christopher Watt Esthetics (CWE) is a boutique skin-care whose goal is to deliver extraordinary results oriented face and body treatments in a beautiful Zen-like atmosphere. CWE opened its doors in 2001 and has since become the center for celebrity skin care. In addition to serving his A-list clientele, Watt serves as the Director of Technical Training for a large spa consulting firm. Christopher Watt Esthetics is located at 808 Hilldale Ave. in West Hollywood, Calif.

About the CMPB

The California Milk Processor Board was established in 1993 to make milk more competitive and increase milk consumption in California. Awareness of GOT MILK? is over 90% nationally and it is considered one of the most important and successful campaigns in history. GOT MILK? is a federally registered trademark that has been licensed by the national dairy boards since 1995. The CMPB's Spanish-language campaign began in 1994 using the tagline "Familia, Amor y Leche" (Family, Love and Milk). The TOMA LECHE (Drink Milk) campaign replaced it in 2006, following a growing trend in Hispanic food advertising that uses wit and humor to reach audiences. GOT MILK? gifts and recipes can be viewed at and The CMPB is funded by all California milk processors and administered by the California Department of Food and Agriculture.