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January 04, 2017 09:00 ET

HoloLamp Debuts the World's First Portable Augmented Reality Projector to Create Optical 3D Illusions on Any Surface

New hands-free and glasses-free device enables users to perceive virtual objects as holograms for applications in gaming, communication, education and more

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Jan 4, 2017) - At the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show, HoloLamp announces the first portable and self-contained device to deliver a glasses-free and hands-free spatial augmented reality experience. HoloLamp connects to a computer and uses multiple cameras and a pico projector to render graphics that give the illusion of 3D objects directly on any surface. Its accompanying software development kit enables developers around the world to design various use cases compatible with HoloLamp.

"The smart glasses and headset industry have been tirelessly working to deliver a mainstream augmented reality experience, though they have been unsuccessful in developing a product that consumers actually want to wear," said Guillaume Chican, co-founder and inventor of HoloLamp. "A headset reduces a user's field of view and tends to be uncomfortable, whereas HoloLamp enables the user to achieve an immersive experience without having to hold or wear any equipment. The hands-free and glasses-free technology allows users to easily engage with their surroundings while using HoloLamp, making it an ideal solution for numerous business and personal environments."

Because HoloLamp enables the creation of mixed reality elements by combining real objects with HoloLamp effects, people can interact with content in new, interesting and compelling ways. For consumers, it offers an opportunity to participate in 3D games that have only been engrained in fantasy or science fiction until now. In addition to bringing many gaming applications to life, HoloLamp can be used by developers in education to show 3D versions of artifacts, in business to improve communication with a realistic 3D avatar of the person at the other end of a video call, in the pharmaceutical industry to project molecules in 3D and much, much more.

Objects displayed by HoloLamp are created in Unity, a leading global game industry software. As a product of many years of Research & Design, its plugin uses advanced computer vision and machine learning technology to check and track a user's position. The displayed image is then warped into an image that looks 3D from the perspective of a person's eyes. Today, viewers can manipulate objects with a PlayStation 4 controller. In the future, users will be able to control the floating objects by simply touching the surface where the images are projected.

"We see the world in 3D because our brain knows we live in a 3D world, but a subtle change from technology is enough to make your brain think the 2D projections it's seeing is a real 3D object," said Alan Jay, co-founder of HoloLamp. "Our system uses a camera-based, face-tracking system to know where your eyes are, and as you move, it alters the projection as if you were looking at a real 3D object. The number of environments that can benefit from seeing and interacting with a 3D model are truly endless."

HoloLamp will be available for pre-order in Q1 2017.

Visit HoloLamp at CES at booth #50004 in Sands Hall G in Eureka Park Marketplace. For more information on HoloLamp, visit

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Founded in May 2016, HoloLamp is the first portable device which offers a glasses-free and hands-free augmented reality experience. It uses a pico projector and low-cost video cameras to create the illusion of a hologram. By mapping the surface the image is projected on and tracking the user's facial movements, HoloLamp emulates the way people's eyes perceive 3D objects and allows the user to perceive a 3D experience. The technology is currently being utilized in gaming, communication, education and much more.

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