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December 10, 2014 09:00 ET

Holy Campaign Batman, Gotham Scored the Top Promo Conversion Score

TiVo Research's Fifth Annual Fall Promo Conversion Report Looks Back at the Top Promotional Campaigns Over the Past Five Years

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 10, 2014) - TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO), a global leader in the advanced television entertainment market, today announced audience measurement results from a study on promotion effectiveness of 2014 fall season series premieres. The study identified how effectively on-air broadcast television promos that aired during the six weeks prior to the series premieres drove viewers to watch those premieres. Promotional effectiveness in driving viewership to series premieres is an excellent predictor of program success: Nine of the top ten new series based on Promo Conversion have been given full-season orders.

TiVo Research evaluated 23 new fall broadcast series that premiered from September 7 - October 30 and utilized viewership data from the TiVo Advisors Panel, an opt-in panel of over 30,000 TiVo subscribers, to measure the results. As in years past, results indicate that a promotional campaign with broad reach does not guarantee a program's success with viewers. Promo Conversion -- defined by TiVo Research as a viewer who was exposed to at least three on-air promo spots for a given program then tuning in for the series premiere -- is an accurate and early predictor of which new programs will continue to attract viewers.

For example, the promotional campaign for CW's The Flash ranked second-to-last in reach at 42 percent, but its Promo Conversion score of 16.5 percent foreshadowed the show's fifth-place performance in the overall rankings. NCIS: New Orleans, CBS's third entry in this popular franchise, ranked 17th in campaign reach but fourth in Promo Conversion. Scorpion, also from CBS, enjoyed the best of both worlds, ranking third in Promo Conversion with an 18.6 percent score and first in reach at 80.6 percent.

The widely held belief that that promotional campaign reach alone determines success is called into question by results for the now-cancelled ABC sitcom Selfie. Though tied for second with a promotional campaign reach of 79.7%, Selfie's 8.5 percent Promo Conversion score ranked it 18th overall, again foreshadowing its cancellation. NBC's cancelled Bad Judge suffered a similar fate with a 72.7% promotional campaign reach, ranking it ninth, and an 8.6% Promo Conversion score just slightly ahead of Selfie, taking 17th place.

"The Promo Conversion report from TiVo Research offers predictive insight into the value of an effective promotional campaign," said TiVo Chief Research Officer Jonathan Steuer. "Pushing a new show hard through a high promo count does not guarantee success. Viewers respond to the quality of programming and promotion, not just quantity. TiVo Research's Promo Conversion data provides a valuable tool for networks to get an early read on not just the effectiveness of their promotional campaigns but also on the likely success or failure of their new series."

A review of the top reach and Promo Conversion campaigns for the previous four fall TV seasons reveals similar and interesting results:

Reach Campaigns    
#1 Show from the Fall of   Network Program Reach   Current Status
2010   NBC The Event 86%   Cancelled after one season
2011   NBC Whitney 85%   Cancelled after two seasons
2012   NBC Revolution 86%   Cancelled after two seasons
2013   ABC Once Upon A Time in Wonderland 76%   Cancelled after one season
Promo Conversion Campaigns    
#1 Show from the Fall of   Network Program Promo Conversion   Current Status
2010   CBS $#*! My Dad Says 26%   Cancelled after one season
2011   CBS 2 Broke Girls 28%   Currently on the air
2012   CBS Elementary 26%   Currently on the air
2013   ABC Marvel Agents of Shield 27%   Currently on the air
Promo Reach Rankings 
Rank   Network   Program   Reach: Live + 7 Days   Frequency: Live + 7 Days   GRP: Live + 7 Days
1   CBS   Scorpion   80.6%   12.0   970.3
2   ABC   Cristela   79.7%   12.9   1,028.3
3   ABC   Selfie   79.7%   11.9   949.6
4   ABC   Black-ish   78.4%   9.3   727.7
5   ABC   How to Get Away with Murder   75.7%   10.1   764.7
6   CBS   Madam Secretary   73.5%   9.1   665.5
7   Fox   Gotham   73.0%   5.9   434.1
8   NBC   The Mysteries of Laura   73.0%   7.9   577.0
9   NBC   Bad Judge   72.7%   6.5   475.4
10   CBS   Stalker   71.8%   6.1   437.0
11   Fox   Red Band Society   71.2%   6.4   455.3
12   NBC   Marry Me   70.7%   6.0   421.1
13   Fox   Gracepoint   69.9%   5.3   371.8
14   ABC   Forever   68.7%   10.9   749.1
15   NBC   A to Z   67.8%   5.4   365.4
16   NBC   Constantine   66.8%   4.2   282.3
17   CBS   NCIS: New Orleans   66.2%   5.2   347.4
18   Fox   Utopia   64.6%   4.6   294.3
19   ABC   Manhattan Love Story   64.4%   5.1   330.2
20   CBS   The McCarthys   63.6%   3.8   242.6
21   Fox   Mulaney   63.5%   4.1   259.2
22   CW   The Flash   42.1%   3.0   126.2
23   CW   Jane the Virgin   41.7%   3.1   129.4
Promo Conversion Score Rankings 
Rank   Network   Program   Promo Conversion
1   Fox   Gotham   21.5%
2   ABC   How to Get Away with Murder   18.8%
3   CBS   Scorpion   18.6%
4   CBS   NCIS: New Orleans   17.0%
5   CW   The Flash   16.5%
6   CBS   Madam Secretary   16.2%
7   ABC   Forever   13.6%
8   ABC   Black-ish   13.4%
9   NBC   Constantine   12.9%
10   CBS   Stalker   12.2%
11   CBS   The McCarthys   12.2%
12   ABC   Manhattan Love Story   10.6%
13   NBC   A to Z   10.5%
14   Fox   Gracepoint   10.2%
15   NBC   Marry Me   9.7%
16   NBC   The Mysteries of Laura   9.3%
17   NBC   Bad Judge   8.6%
18   ABC   Selfie   8.5%
19   Fox   Red Band Society   8.3%
20   Fox   Mulaney   8.0%
21   Fox   Utopia   6.4%
22   CW   Jane the Virgin   5.2%
23   ABC   Cristela   2.3%

*Promo Conversation is the percentage of households who were exposed to three on-air promo spots who tuned into the series premiere of the program, includes Live + 7 days of viewing.

TiVo's viewing analysis is based on viewing data from the TiVo Advisors Panel, an opt-in panel of approximately 30,000 TiVo subscribers whose second-by-second viewing behavior is anonymously tracked on an ongoing basis. This viewing data is merged with our monthly attitudinal surveys, allowing us unprecedented insight into behavioral habits and television viewing.

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