March 05, 2012 04:00 ET

Home and Property Maintenance

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - March 5, 2012) - Property is your most valuable asset, and maintaining it – particularly in difficult times – can be of the utmost importance. It is crucial to make sure that any prospective problems are kept in check and don't escalate out of control leading to huge, unforeseen costs. While the current winter has been mild in comparison to last year, the British weather is highly unpredictable, and with the coldest months ahead, a return to the problems of last winter's freezing temperatures is still a possibility.

Investing in home and property maintenance is therefore vital, and it pays to spend a little time and money to protect its value. A return to the low temperatures of last year – one of the coldest winters on record with average temperatures of -1ºC across the UK – could leave millions vulnerable to problems in the home. A recent study by Direct Line Home Insurance confirmed that as many as 40% of British homes, and some 19.7 million people, would be at risk should temperatures drop. Frozen pipes and boiler breakdowns are traditionally the most common problems, with research revealing that 31% of people made claims for frozen pipes last year.1

Stuart Curson, Head of Direct Line Home Insurance, commented: "As the last two winters have demonstrated, bad weather can cause serious damage to property as well as enormous stress to homeowners. While this winter has proved mild so far, it is important to be prepared for severe weather should it occur later on."2

He added that "in addition to checking that your insurance covers the cost of emergencies, taking a few simple actions such as lagging pipes and keeping your home well maintained will go a long way to limiting the damage winter weather might cause."3

Actively maintaining your property through the use of emergency plumbing services should a cold snap or sustained period of bad weather strike will help prevent any misfortune. While home and contents insurance should cover you financially in the event of an accident, it doesn't cover the stress and disruption of an uninhabitable home or the loss of irreplaceable objects. Taking steps to ensure your home is protected and ready to face the elements is easy. A number of firms – including Dyno-Rod and Aspect – operate nationwide, and are available 24 hours a day for routine and emergency plumbing maintenance. Able to repair burst, leaking or frozen pipes, they can also service and repair boilers and cisterns for invaluable peace of mind.

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