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September 05, 2012 10:15 ET

Home Improvement Tops List of Consumer-Spending Categories, Adequate Income or Savings Top Reason for Splurges, Reports Pentair Aquatic Systems' Poolfyi

One Out of Four Consumers Cites Confidence in National Economy as Reason for Spending

SANFORD, NC--(Marketwire - Sep 5, 2012) - Consumers are rather practical and like to splurge -- when they can -- on home-improvement projects such as the kitchen or pool, traveling and good food, and the majority of them are moved to spend by the feeling they have adequate income or savings, according to a recent survey of consumers at Pentair Aquatic Systems' social community, Poolfyi.

While consumers' discretionary income, or income after necessities, is often a rare luxury, the survey's results indicate that when consumers can splurge, "they clearly have pragmatic priorities and prefer investing in their homes and everyday amenities such as their pools," said Carlos Del Amo, VP of global marketing at Pentair Aquatic Systems, the world's leading manufacturer of pool and spa equipment.

When it comes to discretionary spending, consumers try to balance their indulgences with mindful outlays: one out of five consumers splurges on entertainment and electronics, as well as a new car or repairs -- and charitable donations, the Poolfyi survey found.

Consumer spending is driven by a set of personal, macroeconomic and altruistic motivators. Nearly one out of four consumers is moved to splurge by self-improvement, confidence in the national economy and helping their dependents or others, the Poolfyi survey found.

"Consumers certainly pause to consider why they're going to spend their hard-earned income," Del Amo said. "It's not entirely about seizing the moment."

Consumers also use their discretionary income to splurge on historic retail categories and balance their personal finances. Nearly one out of six consumers spends on furniture or appliances, clothes or accessories -- and paying down debt, the Poolfyi survey found.

The consumer-spending survey was conducted online over two months at Pentair's Poolfyi. The survey asked respondents to select their favorite ways to splurge and their reasons for splurging.

Consumers planning pool related home-improvement projects can visit Poolfyi's pool-tips page at and find a local Pentair dealer at

Top 15 Consumer-Spending Categories of 2012

1. Home improvement (kitchen, pool or spa, etc.) (64%)
2. Travel (47%)
3. Food (home/restaurant) (24%)
4. Entertainment (movies, events, etc.) (21%)
5. Automotive (new car/repairs) (21%)
6. Charitable donations (20%)
7. Electronics (hardware/software) (19%)
8. Furniture/appliances (17%)
9. Debt (17%)
10. Clothes/accessories (15%)
11. Investments (stocks, property, etc.) (9%)
12. Healthcare (8%)
13. Education (8%)
14. E-commerce (2%)
15. Professional services (finance, accounting, law, etc.) (2%)

(source: Pentair Poolfyi; reflects discretionary spending; respondents = 291)

Top 5 Reasons for Consumer Spending in 2012

1. Adequate income/savings (64%)
2. Self-improvement (29%)
3. Confidence in national economy (24%)
4. Help dependents/others (23%)
5. Investment (14%)

(source: Pentair Poolfyi; reflects discretionary spending; respondents = 291)

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