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January 06, 2014 08:22 ET

HomeGrid Forum Kick-Starts 2014 at CES With Live Demos of

Showcase of Ultra-HD Over, Seven-Node Networks, MIMO, and Coexistence

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Jan 6, 2014) - CES --

News highlights:

  • HomeGrid Forum demonstrates networks with multi-vendor Interop showing Ultra-HD over PLC, seven-node networks with high traffic, and MIMO
  • Demonstration of's power to avoid neighboring network interference
  • Coexistence between HomePNA and on the same coax
  • All demos are "CES firsts"

A spectacular display of the power of -- a backbone home network over any wire, meeting the needs of Operators and users today and tomorrow -- is available for visitors to the HomeGrid Forum booth Number 21424 at CES 2014. Highlights of HomeGrid's "Home of the Future Here Today" booth include key demonstrations of Ultra-HD/4K over powerlines, neighboring networks, multi-node networks for the home with high traffic and multiple devices, and MIMO mode. As well as a demo of and HomePNA coexistence over the same coax. All of these demonstrations are live and CES firsts. The booth is packed with demonstrations from a long list of vendors, including AcBel, ARRIS, Comtrend, D-Link, Enable-IT, Marvell, Metanoia, Sigma Designs, TangoTec, and Zyxel. Many of these vendors have representatives available in the booth so CES attendees can discuss solutions that are available today.

"We are very excited about our demonstrations of the ' revolution' at CES 2014," said John Egan, HomeGrid Forum's President. "We have more members with more designs than ever before, really pushing the boundaries of what home networks can and should do. Our first time ever demonstrations include Ultra-HD IPTV over, a high traffic multi-vendor seven-node network demonstrating the power of the home network backbone, and, based on popular demand, a very interactive neighboring networks demonstration that shows the reason why is the only powerline network to use in high-density residential buildings. Then, based on requests from many Operators, we are showing HomePNA and coexisting over the same coax, showing the convergence possible for the deployed HomePNA base, and the base of any other legacy network technology, to Also, we have a very interactive MIMO demonstration where anyone can see how operates and interoperates in SISO and MIMO modes. And, throughout the booth, attendees can see the multi-vendor nature of that underscores the universal nature of the technology."

This is the first public demonstration of and HomePNA coexistence. This demonstration is a simple set-up of two networks on a single coax medium. With operating in one frequency band and HomePNA in another, the demonstration shows how an installed base of HomePNA networks can remain in place while is added to improve the coax service platform. The same is possible for MoCA as well.

HomeGrid's seven-node home network demonstration shows a home with seven TVs all running different HD IPTV streams at the same time, all fed from one single network attached server (NAS). The single node at the NAS must be able to communicate at the same time with all six other nodes. This demonstrates how various points for connectivity can be handled, from gateways, set top boxes and access points to PCs and other devices. networks are simple and easy to install -- and support the latest in technology innovations, like clean Ultra-HD video from room to room. From HD to Ultra HD Video -- can send digital content over any wires in the home -- power lines, coax, phone lines or optical fiber.

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