SOURCE: Homeland Integrated Security Systems Inc.

November 03, 2005 08:20 ET

Homeland Integrated Security Inc. and Duke Pro Complete Development of the Cyber Rad Gamma Radiation Device

ASHEVILLE, NC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 3, 2005 -- Homeland Integrated Security Systems, Inc. (OTC: HISC) and Duke Pro Inc. announced today the completion of the Cyber Rad Gamma Radiation sensor.

The Cyber Rad is a very low power, highly-sensitive radiation monitor that can detect gamma radiation. The Cyber Rad is 30 times more sensitive than any other commercial device available in the US. The Cyber Rad sensor utilizes the latest in Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) technology to continually monitor the level of Gamma radiation. The unique feature to the Cyber Rad sensor is that it can be networked with multiple sensors to determine more exacting locations for Gamma radiation.

"We're excited about implementing this technology as a port solution where the Gantry Cranes would be equipped with these units. As the containers come off of the ship and land on the truck, the Cyber Rad sensors can quickly determine if gamma radiation is present inside the container," stated Ian Riley, CTO Homeland Integrated Security Systems, Inc.

Frank Moody, Homeland Integrated Security CEO, added, "The Cyber Rad is ideal for the scrap metal and the garbage pick-up industries."

About Duke Pro:

Duke Pro is an Asheville, NC-based company. The company provides the US Government with Military Hardware, Explosive Ordinance Disposal, and Law Enforcement Equipment. Duke Pro is a Prime military Contractor with thousands of systems installed world-wide. Duke Pro's reputation is built upon their ability to bring the design and building of the hardware (End to End Solution) to the US Government at a speed to market that beats out their competitors and with a quality standard that surpasses their competitors. Duke Pro has been working with Homeland Integrated Security Systems to develop the Cyber Rad Device.

About Homeland Integrated Security Systems:

Homeland Integrated Security Systems owns proprietary technology and has the rights to use patents to some of the most innovative and sophisticated security products. One of the key target markets is the 361 commercial seaports in the US which are vulnerable to criminal penetration. The company is now accepting pre orders for the Cyber Tracker at

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