SOURCE: Homeland Security Group International

March 16, 2007 06:12 ET

Homeland Security Group International Announces Extended 6000psi Bottle for EBD-1

SAN DIEGO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 16, 2007 -- Colonel Jeffrey A. Powers, CEO of Homeland Security Group International, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: HMSG) announced today that HMSG has received confirmation from their manufacturer of high pressure bottle systems that an extended 6000psi bottle has been developed for the EBD-1 and has passed testing and is ready for production. HMSG expects this new bottle to extend the air time to 30 minutes needed for NIOSH certification for mine safety applications.

HMSGs bottle manufacturer is working feverishly to attain NIOSH certification needed to obtain favorable consideration by mine safety officials intending to spotlight the EBD-1 at the upcoming National Mine Rescue Team Competition in Carlin, NV on April 20 - 21.

"We are confident that our unit will far exceed the capabilities of currently issued emergency breathing apparatus used for mine safety," commented Colonel Jeffrey Powers, CEO of HMSG. "We are hardening the tubing on the current EBD-1 to make it more rugged for mine safety applications. This is a much smaller, lighter, more user friendly device than the one currently in use in mines," continued Powers. "The EBD is a self contained breathing apparatus and doesn't filter air but rather supplies breathable air.

During recent demonstrations, officials were very excited. The mine safety officials have requested follow on meetings to discuss placing a supply of units and air bottles in newly manufactured "safe rooms" of mines to be used in case of emergencies underground.

The 6000psi bottle and its extended air capacity comes as an added benefit from design modifications currently underway for the EBD-2. Minor modifications to the valve system of the current EBD-1 are underway to adapt the new extended life air bottle to the existing 1st stage regulator. The manufacturer has also forwarded DOT HAZMAT certification certificates for these bottles: Reg. No: 062304 700 038MO.

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