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July 21, 2005 11:22 ET Featured Profile Company: Roaming Messenger, Inc., a Provider of a Breakthrough Interactive Messaging Platform for the Wireless and Homeland Security Sectors

Delivering Important Communication Capabilities for Homeland Security and Emergency Response

2005 Biological Surveillance Excellence in Technology of the Year Award From Frost & Sullivan

POINT ROBERTS, WA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 21, 2005 -- (HDS), an investor news portal for the homeland defense and security sector, and (IIW), a portal dedicated to investor information on the wireless industry, are pleased to announce the return of Roaming Messenger, Inc. (OTC BB: RMSG), as a Featured Client.

Roaming Messenger's technology has key applications in several markets including Homeland Security and Biodefense, and represents a unique technological advancement in the mobile / wireless space.

Roaming Messenger has also recently received the 2005 Excellence in Technology of the Year Award for biological surveillance technologies from Frost & Sullivan, in recognition of the company's innovative and interactive messaging technology platform.

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Roaming Messenger, Inc. (OTC BB: RMSG) is the provider of a breakthrough mobile messaging technology that allows corporations and government agencies to communicate with personnel in the field, enhancing public safety operations and emergency response. The company, based in Santa Barbara, California, has developed a proprietary technology that encapsulates BOTH data AND workflow logic into smart "messengers." Messengers move around autonomously in the mobile world, interacting with users and systems, bringing back data and decisions, all in real-time. It enables corporations and government agencies to mobilize enterprise applications and design business processes in the full context of the mobile world. Roaming Messenger is easily integrated with existing applications, extending active functionality to the mobile world. It delivers powerful capabilities to any solution that requires real-time information to be communicated and interacted with dynamically in a highly secure manner, such as homeland security, emergency response, automation and control, enterprise messaging and business continuity.

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