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April 04, 2012 12:00 ET

Homeowner Saves Over $350,000 in Mortgage Payments With Loan Modification Negotiated by Avid Law Center

With a More Affordable Mortgage, Orange County-Based Real Estate Law Firm Assists Retiree in Getting Back to His Life of Leisure

ALISO VIEJO, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 4, 2012) - Avid Law Center, an Orange County, California-based real estate and litigation law firm, today announced the results of another successful lender negotiation ending in an excellent loan modification for their clients Jim and Carol Harley of Fontana, Calif.

The terms negotiated through Seterus include a new lower, more affordable mortgage payment of just $1442.80 per month, almost half of their original monthly mortgage payment. The savings over the life of the loan is expected to exceed $352,000.

"We tried to deal with our lender ourselves but we learned early on that we needed help from professionals with clout and knowledge of the business to get our modification approved," said homeowner Jim Harley. "From the very beginning, we felt that Avid Law Center not only had those characteristics but their caring posture and professionalism also made us feel at ease knowing they were in control."

As a retired business owner of 33 years, Jim Harley put his retirement dreams of traveling the world with his wife on hold in 2008 when he found himself unable to keep up with his mortgage due to the down economy. He tried to obtain a modification on his own and after six months of unanswered calls from his lender, he was denied his modification.

Upon receiving the case in July 2010, Avid Law Center moved quickly to compile a loan restructuring package. Working as a team, Avid helped the Harleys complete the required financial applications, hardship letter, and compile the supporting documents for the bank to review. After months of persistence and assertive action, a reasonable resolution was negotiated with the bank and possible protracted litigation was avoided.

"The process of applying for a loan modification can be long and frustrating. Hiring people with a strong work ethic and extensive experience to help you is only the first part of the battle. When working with a legal team, open and honest communication is vital to success," said Aron Rofer, President, CEO and Managing Attorney for Avid Law Center. "At Avid, we are adamant about keeping a constant flow of communication between us and our clients. We're grateful for clients like Mr. and Mrs. Harley who see us as an extension of their personal support team. It is the ability to help clients like the Harleys that reminds us why we are so passionate about what we do."

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