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CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic

August 25, 2011 20:34 ET

Homeowner Willing to Sue Bank of America Wins Trustee Sale Reversal Through Non Profit Law Clinic

SANTA ANA, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 25, 2011) - CPAC(DE) Non Profit Law Clinic was hired to file a Lender Litigation Lawsuit against BofA by Mr. I. Orona of Covina based on a statement made by Mr. Orona, after two years dealing with BofA on his own then paying others who promised to secure a Loan Modification.

According to Mr. Orona, he contacted Bank of America long before his mortgage payment's increase on February 01, 2010, escalating from the tight $2000 to an unsustainable $3000 a month. Per Mr. Orona, his efforts to get BofA's voluntary assistance resulted in his hiring a Loan Modification Law Firm which charged thousands for Loan Modification assistance, something CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic has always offered eligible homeowners at no cost.

CPAC(DE) asked Mr. Orona for the opportunity to explain the benefits of more aggressive services that maybe needed in the future, including but not limited to Individual as well as Consolidated Group Lender Lawsuit Litigation, Bankruptcy Protection, Trustee Sale Reversals and Temporary Restraining Orders filed against foreclosing lenders -- all of which are services that are not free but have Non-Profit-based pricing if needed. The information and eligibility pre-qualification of these services along with every free Lender Fraud and Violation Analysis Report like free legal loan modification assistance, is only an example of CPAC's free services offered to eligible homeowners.

Attorney G.Lee Lane Esq, CPAC(DE) President, states, "In my opinion, one of the major reasons there's such a high rate of foreclosures is the disconnect between the homeowner and the note owner; most deal with the Servicer. I have found often times the note's Owner is unaware the homeowner wishes to retain their home, let alone sustain it with minor adjustments to terms that are typically more sensible than that of a foreclosure. When we initiate discovery and research upon being retained to sue a bank, we target the identification of the true Note Holder!"

On 8/02/2011 Mr. Orona's property was foreclosed upon, reverting back to the Beneficiary as Real Estate Owned by the Bank (R.E.O). Mr. Orona's familiarity with CPAC's work allowed him to hire CPAC for a R.E.O Reversal Suit against Bank of America. After CPAC's pre-litigation avoidance settlement proposal was submitted, BofA confirmed that the Trustee Sale was in fact rescinded, reverting ownership back to Mr. Orona.

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