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November 30, 2015 19:32 ET

Homeowners and Local Municipalities Need to Prepare for Strong El Nino

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 30, 2015) - As many have already heard on local news and national news, the west coast of the United States is about to be hit with the largest El Nino since 1997. November storms have begun to take their toll with record breaking rains for November, and according to meteorologists this is just the beginning of what is expected.

Dave Hoffman owner of Groundforce Crew Inc. a Southern California slope repair firm says business is booming as homeowners and city municipalities start to prepare slopes, drainage areas and fix sea walls for what is most likely going to be a very wet season. Dave Hoffman says, "During the 1997-1998 El Nino season, a series of storms caused an estimated $550 million in damages and killed 17 people. There were 35 counties that had to declare federal disasters from all the damages." 

The City of San Diego has already declared a state of emergency. This will allow the city to have access to state and federal funds to help get ready for the soaking southern California is about to receive. It is a very unusual for a city to declare a state of emergency prior to the event, but States like Florida do it all the time prior to a hurricane event. "If the government is taking action now you should also be doing the same," says David Hoffman, owner of Groundforce Crew. 

Here are some tips to prepare your home for a Serious El Nino:

1. Make sure you have candles and flashlights ready for your home in the event of power outage which happened often during the last major El Nino. If you have a generator better yet, this can help save food in case power is out for days.
2. Remove trash from drainage areas around the yard and clean out all storm drains. Clear out gutters on your roof so water doesn't collect.
3. Get ready for heavy winds. Have your trees trimmed to cut down on wind resistance and falling debris. Debris from trees can injure a passerby or damage a car in driveway. Bring in your summer umbrellas and other lawn furniture that can blow away.
4. Pick up sandbags at your local firehouse, fill them with sand from the beach and have them ready if your property is prone to flooding.

Dave goes on to say, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, many homeowners are starting to worry about slopes surrounding their homes and their sea walls. Now is the time to prepare these surfaces especially following a half decade of drought. Many of the slopes and sea walls we are working on are incredibly fragile and could never withstand heavy rains like we are expecting. I expect damage to surpass those of the 97-98 season as we have had extreme drought for years."

Groundforce Crew is a family owned business founded in 2004 by David Hoffman. The team at Groundforce consists of a diverse group of individuals specializing in Landslide Stabilization, Foundation Stabilization, Slope repairs, Seawalls, Retaining Walls and more. 

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