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November 23, 2005 15:06 ET

Homeowners Save $400 Annually With Home Ventilation System

Humidex Provides Savings and Energy Cost-Cutting Tips

OCEANSIDE, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 23, 2005 -- With high heating, electric and energy costs and the U.S. Department of Energy's campaign encouraging homeowners to cut back on energy use, people are looking for affordable ways to reduce their home energy expense while maintaining, or better yet, improving home environment. Humidex, a home ventilation and humidity control system, is a cost effective and energy efficient solution for homeowners looking to improve their indoor air quality while reducing energy use and expense.

Heating and cooling a home uses more energy than any other household system. Typically, 44 percent of a home's electric use is for heating and cooling. Homeowners can save money and increase comfort by properly maintaining and upgrading heating and cooling equipment and changing filters when needed. Additionally, weather-stripping and caulking windows or doorframes where cool or warm air escapes decreases home energy costs. However, a tightly sealed home can trap moisture and contaminants making the indoor air damp and unhealthy. A solution is to install a Humidex system, which ventilates the entire house including the basement and crawl space, while reducing humidity. As a result, indoor air is drier, which takes less energy to heat or cool versus damp air.

"It is important to insulate your home to reduce energy costs," says Phil Konigsberg, President of Humidex Atlantic. "But tight insulation can reduce ventilation and cause poor indoor air quality. Humidex is a maintenance free solution. The system allows homeowners to reduce their home's energy costs while expelling harmful gases, toxins and other pollutants and reducing moisture in the home."

Unlike a typical dehumidifier, a Humidex system is extremely energy and cost efficient, "saving a minimum of $400 per year in electric bills," says Konigsberg. It takes just one Humidex unit to cover the entire home plus the crawl space or basement, where homes that use dehumidifiers and air purifiers would need one in each room. "The benefits of having a Humidex system are significant from personal health," says Konigsberg, "to lower electric bills."

Additional tips for energy conservation can be found at,, and below.

Tips for Improving Home Energy Efficiency:

--  Replace standard bulbs with energy-efficient light bulbs. The Energy
    Department and Environmental Protection Agency tout the advantages of
    energy-efficient light bulbs, which can cut lighting costs in half.
--  Use insulating foams and caulks to seal drafts around windows, doors
    and vents. Also check for and seal holes or cracks around walls, ceilings,
    light and plumbing fixtures, switches and electrical outlets that can leak
    air in or out of the home.
--  Install a programmable thermostat, which the Energy Department
    estimates can decrease heating bills by an estimated 10 percent.
--  Make sure your air conditioner is the proper size for the area you are
    cooling. The wrong size will use more electricity and increase energy bills
    and can actually increase relative humidity.
--  Install Humidex, a home ventilation and humidity control system. The
    unit provides a safe, year-round, maintenance free, energy efficient
    solution -- using only 40 watts -- it's 90 percent less expensive to run
    than conventional dehumidifiers, with an average monthly cost of $3 to
    operate. Additionally, the system is maintenance free and uses no filters
    which can get clogged and reduce efficiency.

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Humidex Atlantic, headquartered in Oceanside, New York, is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Humidex, a home ventilation and humidity control unit. This cutting-edge, patented ventilation device solves the moisture problem by constantly expelling moist, musty and contaminated air from homes and replacing it with drier, warmer and fresher air. Humidex ventilation systems include a wide variety of units for basements, crawl spaces, slab homes and units for condos for property managers. For more information, visit or call (800) 293-9577.

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