February 28, 2011 13:35 ET

Homeowners Stuck as 'Limbo Landlords' Predicted to Rise in 2011' Say Self Storage Group

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Feb. 28, 2011) - Desperate housing solutions or 'limbo landlords' are set to increase in 2011, according to property website, Rightmove.co.uk. It is reported as being the only rise they expect this year, as the market shows signs of remaining stagnant for the time being.

It leaves house sellers in a constant state of limbo, with many of them ready to move but being constantly frustrated by the market. Meanwhile, there are buyers who are also ready to move into their dream home and are forced to rent, with limited space for their possessions in small flats.

Rightmove have commented on the dismissive way in which mortgage lenders are treating most buyers and so forcing low transaction levels. Therefore, the likelihood is that the only rise will be from landlords who will be making the most of tenants who are waiting to for the opportunity to move.

Self storage experts, Flexistore say sellers and buyers alike are like sitting ducks: 'It's a frustrating position for both, as they both want to be moving but have no choice but to sit and wait until the market picks up a bit. It is usually either simply impractical or even impossible to keep all of their belongings at home or even worse, in a cramped flat where they are waiting to move into a house. This is why self storage can be a great solution in the interim and reduce the stress for buyers and sellers alike'.

Rightmove reported that latest prices for recently added sellers show a 3.1% increase in February compared with January. It appears, however, that a lack of mortgage financing looks set to keep the transaction levels low for the duration of this year and the average home buyer will be left out in the cold.

In light of this, self storage can provide a fantastic way to keep items for moving safely stored away and ready in time for when that day comes. Rather than being surrounded by boxes and clutter in your home for an unlimited amount of time, storage allows you to create space in your home during the temporary and transitional phase, no matter how long that may be.

Flexistore provide self storage in Manchester and throughout Scotland as well as plenty of opportunity for de-cluttering with several stores down South, including self storage in London and South Wales. They are specialists in providing expert storage for a variety of purposes and have units of all different shapes and sizes, so any larger household items will be perfectly stored as well.

If you think Flexistore could help you, visit their website today: www.flexistore.co.uk.

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