SOURCE: Homes by Vanderbuilt

November 19, 2012 06:00 ET

Homes by Vanderbuilt Celebrates Net Zero Housing Trend

This Year, Innovations at the US Green Building Council's 2012 Greenbuild International Conference Are Set to Showcase Net Zero Housing as a Reality for Citizens in the Near Future; As the Trend Highlights Benefits of Prefab Housing, Homes by Vanderbuilt Remains Inspired by This Industry Focus

SANFORD, NC--(Marketwire - Nov 19, 2012) - When it comes to adopting eco-friendly measures, many Americans are willing to make changes in their life. However, the high prices of these resources, especially in housing, prevent many from approaching ways to create a better environment. A recent article from Architecture Source explains that the increasing global trend of net zero developments -- advancements that enable the public to achieve modern living with zero carbon emissions -- is now steadily making its way into the housing industry. It states that the US Green Building Council's 2012 Greenbuild International Conference will highlight such an innovation, known as the "Method Paradigm Home." Noting that this development is made possible by pre-fabricated resources, modular home provider Homes by Vanderbuilt is excited to see what these new designs can bring to the industry.

The article explains that although net zero innovations have remained a dream of environmentalists across the globe, these resources have yet to prove feasible for the greater public. However, with modular design, homeowners may soon be able to approach eco-friendly living in an affordable fashion. The "Method Paradigm Home" designed by architectural firm Bogue Trondowski Architects in New York, showcases these elements and does so in a cost-effective manner. With rainwater harvesting, compost toilets, solar energy and heavy insulation, this home is noted to be a major advancement towards a net zero future for American homeowners.

Homes by Vanderbuilt remains impressed by not only the eco-friendly factors, but also the design of the "Method Paradigm Home." The company hopes that these solutions will soon make their way into the housing industry for nationwide application. Serving customers in the North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia regions, Homes by Vanderbuilt has made an effort to create appealing, yet eco-friendly modular homes through its innovative Extreme Green home series.

The Homes by Vanderbuilt designs featured in the Extreme Green line are equipped with an array of cost-effective, energy-efficient options. In addition, these pre-fabricated homes also allow homeowners to craft a home that suits their individual personality and lifestyle needs. In a recent press statement, the company explains, "Homes by Vanderbuilt is moving toward a net zero home. We have gotten homes down to heating and cooling costs as low as $15 per month and hope to achieve net zero soon." Noting the success of these efforts, Homes by Vanderbuilt encourages all homeowners to explore these energy-efficient options in order to pave the way for a more sustainable future.


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