November 13, 2013 16:00 ET

HomeServe Asks Are Homeowners Paying Over the Odds for Boiler Cover?

- 2.1 million households interested in switching to a better deal for their boiler cover

- HomeServe is offering £100 cashback on its five-star Defaqto rated Cover 8 when bought online

WALSALL, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - Nov. 12, 2013) - As the nights draw in and the temperatures drop, new figures suggest many households are paying over the odds for their boiler cover.

Research from HomeServe, a home emergency specialist, finds that some 2.1 million households are interested in switching to a better deal for their boiler cover. But many fail to realise there are other options on the market to their gas provider.

HomeServe is currently offering £100 cashback on its five-star Defaqto rated Cover 8 product.

Homeowners can see just how much they could save via a calculator on the HomeServe site (

Uswitch figures show that more than 20% of UK homes suffered a boiler breakdown last year, with the average repair bill of £314, giving potential savings of £266 a year.

HomeServe Memberships CEO Jonathan King said: "Households bracing themselves for above-inflation price rises from energy companies has sadly become as much a part of this time of year as putting the clocks back. As the temperature plunges, the price of heating our homes soars.

"To offset gas price rises, many may feel they need to ration their heating, but this risks jeopardising their health and wellbeing. Before you go down that route, do all you can to minimise your bills with some simple tricks like bleeding your radiators now before winter bites, placing foil behind them so heat is reflected back into the room, and setting your boiler to come on earlier in the morning but at a lower temperature. And even if it seems counter-intuitive, spending money on cover for your boiler could save you a small fortune should the worst happen."

Advice to cut the cost of heating this winter:

1. More radiant radiators

To make your radiator more effective, put aluminium foil between the radiator and the wall. This acts as a heat reflector instead of allowing it to pass straight through the walls. If you have high ceilings, shelves above the radiator can also help.

2. Get on your high horse

Use a clothes horse instead of drying your clothes on the radiator directly, stopping heat reaching the rest of the room and also making the boiler work harder to reach the desired temperature, increasing the amount of energy used.

3. Don't touch that dial

If your home is cold first thing in the morning, turning up your thermostat to a higher level won't make it heat up more quickly. Instead, set the boiler to come on a little earlier, this will use much less energy.

4. Be ECO friendly

The Energy Company Obligation was introduced this year to help reduce the amount of energy we use and help those living in fuel poverty. It provides a series of grants to people in certain circumstances and postcodes for insulation and more efficient boilers. Visit your energy company's website to find out if you're eligible.

5. Get into insulation

It's not just the rooms of your house that you need to keep warm during the winter. You should make sure your water tank and pipes are well insulated, too. As well as cutting the cost of keeping your water at temperature, this will also help avoid bursts and leaks if they freeze. Insulating pipes doesn't need expensive lagging - wrap them in a quarter-inch thick set of newspapers, adding a layer of foil to help keep them retain heat.

6. Get it covered

If your boiler breaks down in the middle of winter, as well as the discomfort of being without heating and the hassle of finding a tradesman, putting things right can also be costly - the average price of a repair is more than £300 according to uSwitch. Boiler cover can cost just £48 a year, this can help find problems before they strike.

7. And shop around

Many people use the heating cover provided by their gas company. But there are other options on the market - the savings calculator on HomeServe's website ( will show just how much you could save - and purchases of HomeServe's Cover 8 currently includes £100 cashback. (Subject toTerms and Conditions).

Notes to editors:

1. Research carried out by HomeServe, September 2013.

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