November 21, 2012 04:00 ET

HomeServe's Top Tips To Help You Prepare For Winter And Keep Warm

WALSALL, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 21, 2012) - The temperature's already started to drop and winter's fast approaching, so HomeServe have put together some handy tips on keeping your home warm and preparing for those long, cold winter nights.

Keep draughts out

For single glazed windows, try stretching cling film over the glass to add an extra layer. This will have an insulating effect similar to installing double glazing.

Check your radiators

It's important to check your radiators are in good working order to get the most out of them. If your radiator is failing to warm up, there may be air trapped inside it. To bleed your radiator, firstly ensure there is still warm water still in the system and turn off the central heating. Add a square valve key into the bleed valve (normally located at the top), wrap a cloth around the key and turn half way anti-clockwise - the radiator should expel a hissing sound. When it starts to drip water, turn the key half a turn clockwise, making sure you don't over tighten. If the central heating system is sealed, check the pressure and top up as required.

How to keep heat inside

Placing some aluminium foil between a radiator and the wall is an easy way to reflect heat back into your home - instead of losing it through your walls. Your home should feel warmer and you might even save money on your energy bills.

Insulate your home

To stop the cold coming in through the edge of your external doors, apply some draught excluder tape. You can get this from most DIY stores and it's easy to fix in place on clean, dry areas. Use draught excluders at the bottom of doors to keep out those icy winter breezes.

Insulate bare floorboards

Exposed wooden floors are currently very fashionable, but winter draughts can often penetrate them and make your home colder. Try insulating underneath your floorboards to help keep in the heat. However if you don't have easy access from a cellar, you can help prevent draughts by mixing sawdust with a little glue and filling in the gaps between the boards, or adding small lengths of matching wood.

How to stop keyhole and letterbox draughts

Chilly draughts can often find their way in through keyholes, so cover these up with fridge magnets. To prevent draughts getting in through your letterbox, fit a good quality flap with a strong spring-mounted return mechanism.

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