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December 08, 2010 11:30 ET

HORIPRO Music Academy to Offer Free Beginning Music Class for Kids With Autism Using Their Unique & Innovative ColorSoundation™ Teaching Method

Registration Now Open for Exclusive Class Beginning January 8th; For More Information Call: (310) 470-6006 or Email:

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - December 8, 2010) - This January, HORIPRO Music Academy (HMA), southern California's elite music school, will offer beginning music classes for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) at their West Los Angeles studio using their ground-breaking ColorSoundation™ teaching method. The introductory music class will take place on Saturdays at 2pm and will run from January 8th to January 29th. The class is free, but space is limited. 

ColorSoundation™ is HORIPRO Music Academy's one-of-a-kind teaching technique, which uses uncomplicated color-coding exercises and games to introduce essential music skills to children. Created by renowned musician and instructor Shiho Yamamoto, the ColorSoundation™ method is primarily an audio and visual learning process where kids are able to associate sounds (or music notes) with their corresponding color. The games and exercises are designed to keep kids active, engaged and entertained.

The ColorSoundation™ class for children with ASD will be supervised by HMA Director Shiho Yamamoto and led by Natasha Suzuki, a professional instructor and musician with experience working with kids with Autism. The class is not a medically affiliated program or case study, and parents, Behaviorists, Therapists, etc., for children participating, are welcome and encouraged to attend in order to provide a safe, comfortable and nurturing learning environment.

"Learning music provides such a wonderful and enriching creative outlet and has the ability to positively enhance the lives of the people it touches regardless of personal challenges or disability," said Shiho Yamamoto, Director at HORIPRO Music Academy. "A few of the people who work here at HMA have family members or friends who have a child with ASD whose life has been greatly impacted by the power of music. So we are thrilled to be able to offer this free introductory music program as a way to continue that legacy and provide an encouraging creative outlet for our West Los Angeles area ASD community."

The straight-forward and engaging learning process of ColorSoundation™ doesn't even require a student to have the ability to read and has been introduced to children as young as three. Additionally, it is HMA's belief that by studying music, children will enhance their self-esteem, self-confidence, their capacity to think critically and their ability to express themselves creatively -- and that these skills not only provide a solid framework for music literacy, but for a child's future educational endeavors.

"I work with many children with ASD who are very drawn to music, some even seem to have a natural ability to become exceptional musicians," said Angela D'Agostino, Senior Manager, Early & Intermediate Intervention Service, Institute for Applied Behavior Analysis. "In my experience, music can also be a fun break from therapy and can often help kids relax and express themselves."

HORIPRO Music Academy has locations in West Los Angeles and South Bay. General registration for the spring semester is now open with classes beginning in February. In addition to ColorSoundation (beginner music classes for kids 3-6), HMA also offers classes in Dance (Ballet, HipHop) and Private Lessons (Piano, Violin, Guitar, Vocals, Flute) for people of all ages. For more information about the HMA ColorSoundation Class for Kids with ASD or for all other classes offered for the upcoming spring semester, visit

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HORIPRO Music Academy (HMA), founded in 2005 in part with Japan's leading total entertainment company, HORIPRO Inc., strives to provide students of all ages and levels with the highest quality music education and performance experience in the greater Los Angeles area. With locations in West Los Angeles and South Bay, programs are designed to nurture the individual needs of students, whether those be academic music training, or personal creative enrichment. Offering an array of group music classes and private lessons ranging from piano, keyboard, and guitar, to singing and dancing, HMA faculty members are experienced in teaching ages 3 years to adult, and all levels from beginning to advanced. ColorSoundation is a 2010 registered trademark of HORIPRO Music Academy. For more information visit 

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