Horizon Health International Corp.

November 23, 2009 09:01 ET

Horizon Health International Corp. Enters Into an Exclusive Agreement With Exmovere Holdings Inc., for Mobility Aid and BioSensor Products, Opening the Door to a Multi Million Dollar Industry

NORTH VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 23, 2009) - HORIZON HEALTH INTERNATIONAL CORP. (PINK SHEETS:HZHI) (The Company) is pleased to announce that it has executed a Definitive Agreement with Exmovere Holdings Inc. of McLean, Virginia USA (Exmovere). Under the terms of the Agreement Horizon will pay Exmovere a total of two million dollars over a one year period for the exclusive rights to market and distribute their products in Canada for a 15 year term.

"EXMOVERE" owns and controls the global rights to certain Products, specifically the Telepath Zigbee biosensor wristwatch and the Chariot personal mobility device (the 'Products'). The 'Products' can be viewed at www.exmovere.com or, through the Horizon website at www.horizonhealthandsafety.com. Both products will be available in spring of 2010.

'The Chariot'

The Exmovere "Chariot" is a mobility device that can be implemented by millions of people suffering from mobility problems. The Chariot has several competitive advantages. It is the only, truly hands free, self-balancing vehicle. It also serves as a unique platform for integrating vital sign, emotion monitoring and environmental sensors for hospitals, military and hazardous materials workers. It is a new wearable device that will help people with physical challenges to get around.

'The Telepath'

Exmovere controls the world's first and only Zigbee biosensor wristwatch, called the 'Telepath', that uses infrared sensors to detect heart rate without a chest strap, 3-d accelerometers to model human movement, and a variety of metallic sensors to detect skin temperature and skin conductance. The 'Telepath' transmits these data via computer or cell phone to online data centers, care givers and/or emergency services.

Exmovere Holdings Inc. is a biomedical engineering company focused on government and consumer applications for healthcare, security and mobility. Their mission is to develop systems and technologies that make machines more intuitive, help families take care of each other and give hope to the disabled.

Company Director Jeff Hoogveld stated, "Horizon Health is actively pursuing acquisitions, exclusive distribution and OEM's for a number of products. Exmovere is the first of a number of companies being considered by Horizon Health. We are optimistic that Horizon Health will be a "go to" company when it comes to cutting edge technologies such as the products being developed by Exmovere. We are looking forward to a long beneficial relationship with Exmovere. With the added products, Horizon has the potential to tremendous growth over the coming years."

The market for mobility devices is extremely large; in 2008, Canada exported US$4.2 million worth of mechanically propelled wheelchairs and mobility scooters. That number represents a 114.1% gain over the $1.9 billion in powered mobility aids sold 4 years earlier in 2004. Canadians imported $24.1 million worth of power wheelchairs and mobility scooters last year. Canada imported almost $20 million more in battery-assisted mobility imports than it shipped as exported goods.

Read more at: http://internationaltradecommodities.suite101.com/article.cfm/power_wheelchair_and_mobility_scooter_sales#ixzz0XRA6ymJq

Horizon's business:

The Company through its US and Canadian Subsidiaries is servicing all of North America through its E-Commerce System, providing products and services as a 'Home, Office and Workplace Medical Equipment Specialist' offering a complete end-to-end shopping experience for aids for daily living, disability products, ergonomic solutions and leading-edge assistive technology through online retail stores across North America.

Purchasing through our E-Commerce System makes life easier for those challenged by a physical or cognitive limitation or disability. No more trips to a store.

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