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January 05, 2010 06:00 ET

Hospitals Report Web-Based Nurse Scheduling Software Reduces the High Cost of Agency Staffing

Self-Scheduling Software From Stay Staffed Utilizes Internal Nurse Staff to Boost Fill Rates

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwire - January 5, 2010) - Case studies conducted among nurse staffs ranging in size from 200 to 2000 FTEs show that SmartShift self-scheduling software has not only been cost-effective in reducing administrative resources dedicated to filling open shifts, the leading-edge software efficiently reconciles shortages caused by vacancies, missed shifts and fluctuations in patient census and acuity. The SmartShift ISM web-based scheduling system from Stay Staffed renders the manual, reactive process of filling open shifts obsolete, with reported gains of rapid fill rates and reductions in agency dependence and costs.

"Once core staff gets acquainted with SmartShift web-based software -- training takes all of about 30 minutes -- the benefits of self scheduling are imminent," said Managing Director, Diane Bok. "Employees enjoy the freedom, flexibility and empowerment of self-scheduling, while healthcare providers optimize internal resources, reduce agency dependence and costs and boost nurse staff retention and morale."

What is Web-Based Software?

SmartShift Internal Staffing Management software is an Internet-based platform that can be accessed from any PC or mobile Internet device. The SmartShift ISM Internet platform enables employees to self-schedule 24/7, 365 days a year and healthcare management to more effectively plan for census fluctuations. SmartShift tracks documentation and provides labor analysis in real-time format.

With SmartShift hospital management software, no capital investment or IT resources are required, which is one of the most compelling reasons why hospitals choose web-based software from Stay Staffed. SmartShift provides electronic notification of key staffing events and can be integrated with a hospital's existing staffing protocols.

In one case study designed to measure the effectiveness of self-scheduling nurse staffing software, not only did patient satisfaction scores for inpatient care increase from the 49th to 85th percentile, but RN turnover decreased by roughly half.

Of all programs used to enhance nurse staff work environment, 73 percent of hospitals have experienced success using self-scheduling technologies, reveals the Florida Hospital Association's 2009 Nurse Staffing Report.

"Many of our clients are adopting SmartShift ISM as a means of staff retention by satisfying the individual needs of nurses and creating a more employee-friendly work environment," said Hospital Marketing Director, Dennis Urbanski. "In addition, hospitals are finding self-scheduling a resourceful tool in attracting new nurse staff."

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Stay Staffed web-based scheduling software, SmartShift, provides solutions to organizations that wish to achieve higher levels of efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce operational expenses. SmartShift's suite of web-based software services includes Internal Staffing Management, Vendor Staffing Management and Candidate Direct Contingent Workforce Software, a unique healthcare management solution that provides for candidate sourcing through web optimization, candidate screening and interviewing, candidate hiring, job postings and approvals.

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