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April 02, 2012 15:37 ET

Hospitals Should Conduct More Training for Employees Who Clean Surgical Tools According to Briskman Briskman & Greenberg

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - Apr 2, 2012) - There is an expectation that surgical tools will get bloody during surgery, but there is also an expectation that those tools be clean and sterile before the surgery.

An activist group called ForceChange is circulating a petition to require training of those who clean and sterilize medical equipment and tools after a Centers for Disease Control investigation found a Houston hospital was performing surgeries with unsanitary tools.

"Common sense dictates that surgical tools be cleaned and sterilized before being used on patients," said Chicago personal injury attorney Robert Briskman. "We need mandated training and clearly defined rules to make sure patients are treated with care."

The CDC investigation was prompted by a lawsuit from a patient who got an infection during shoulder surgery. The investigation found that there were trace amounts of human tissue in unseen crevices of the surgical tools that were not cleaned away during the sterilization process. The Houston hospital had to stop performing surgeries during the investigation.

"Hospitals and surgical facilities should require continual training on the cleaning and sterilization of tools and equipment used in surgeries," Briskman said. "This must be routine. From the cleaning to the training, it all needs to happen the right way every time."

The 63-year-old Texas man whose dirty surgery sparked the lawsuit settled his claim against the hospital, but he is still suing the manufacturer of the equipment, Stryker, in federal court. Stryker denies the claims saying their equipment conforms with prevailing customs and standards of that industry.

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