March 27, 2011 02:01 ET

Hot Jobs Map of America Shows Which States in the US Are the Best to Find Employment

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON--(Marketwire - March 27, 2011) - eBay Classifieds created a hot jobs map of America that shows which states in the US are the best to find employment. Reports show that 190,000 new jobs were created in February, and eBay Classifieds, who are all about helping people find jobs, show where these are.

The research to create the map looked at personal income per capita, unemployment rates, and crime rates in each state to determine which states have the most buoyant economies in this still very difficult economic climate. eBay Classifieds then researched the largest occupations and the fastest growing occupations in each state it, then found which cities had the largest median salary in each state to determine which industries were the best for finding a job.

Regional findings:

  • New Hampshire: New Hampshire has the lowest crime rates in the country, the 4th lowest unemployment rates, and the 9th highest personal income per capita, making it the most economically buoyant state in the country.
  • New York: New York City's median salary, $64,535, is lower than 10 other states' highest median salaries.
  • Connecticut: Connecticut has the highest personal income per capita in the country, at $56,556.
  • Maryland: Fans of The Wire will be unsurprised to learn that although parts of Maryland are very wealthy, the state has the 7th highest crime rates in the country.
  • Rhode Island: Rhode Island has the 15th highest personal income per capita figures, as well as 18th lowest crime rates, but its high unemployment figures (46th) keep it in the middle of the pack.
  • California: Sunnyvale, CA, has the highest median salary of all the states' highest paying cities, but California's high unemployment rates (12.9%, or 3.1% higher than the national average) means it's not as economically buoyant overall as other states.
  • South Carolina: South Carolina has the fifth highest unemployment rates, the third highest crime rates, and the fourth lowest per capita income. Still, its city with the highest median income, Aiken, has a higher median income than 18 other states.

To see the map click here - http://blog.ebayclassifieds.com/2011/03/17/state-of-jobs/

About the research

All the data is available in a Google Doc spreadsheet, which you can see here. Further information is available on the blog.

Several figures were used to determine the economic status of each state. It is important to note that Washington, D.C. is not included in the infographic because certain figures were not available for the city.

Per Capita Personal Income: The seasonally adjusted personal income for each state was found in the State Personal Income: Third Quarter 2010 report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. That report detailed the personal income for each state, but to determine the PER CAPITA personal income, that number was divided by the estimated population in 2010, as reported in the US Census Bureau report.

Unemployment Rates: Google's public data explorer details the latest seasonally adjusted unemployment figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for each state.

Crime Rates: The crime rates were from CQ Press's rankings of states based on crime rates.

Industries with Largest Employment and Fastest Growing Occupations by State: America's Career InfoNet's CareerOneStop, which is sponsored by the US Department of Labor, outlines the top occupations and the fastest growing occupations in each state.

Average Median Salary: PayScale has the data about the highest average median salary in each state.

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