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June 23, 2009 13:24 ET

Hot off the Hyper-V Press

Diskeeper Corporation Launches New Virtual Platform Disk Optimizer

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - June 23, 2009) - Diskeeper Corporation today launched V-locity™ virtual platform disk optimizer -- a brand new product designed to eliminate virtual disk I/O bottlenecks, maximize virtual server speeds and free up vital disk space on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V.

Taking Virtualization to the Next Level

All computers suffer from fragmentation. Virtual systems suffer twice as much, fragmenting at the host and guest levels. Compounding this, by consolidating 4 - 5 servers into one, a single storage device is forced to work overtime from 4 - 5x the increase in I/O traffic. This results in heavy processing bottlenecks. V-locity eliminates this problem outright by invisibly defragmenting files and consolidating free space on every Windows system it is installed. But it goes even further...

Since multiple virtual machines share mutual system resources, that "sharing" turns into competition (i.e. a performance hit). V-locity addresses this issue by fully synchronizing the complex and ongoing activity between host and multiple guest operating systems. In other words, in addition to defragmenting, it optimizes peak server performance and reliability to the entire virtual platform.

When virtual hard disks (VHDs) are set to dynamically grow, they do not then shrink when users or applications remove data. This bloat wastes costly space that could otherwise be allocated to other virtual systems. V-locity makes it easy to eliminate VHD bloat by providing an intuitive UI showing how much each virtual disk can be compacted and the tools to easily do it. This allows system administrators to efficiently allocate storage resources on Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V deployments.

"Our customers are asking for us to help standardize both their virtualized and non-virtualized environments, and to have consistent tools to manage systems and applications," said Dai Vu, director, virtualization products at Microsoft Corp. "Disk defragmentation can be worse in virtualized environments because physical drives serve multiple OSes and applications. Partners such as Diskeeper are offering a familiar approach to optimizing I/O performance, and are broadening the portfolio of products that customers need as they deploy Microsoft virtualization solutions in the enterprise."

V-locity: optimizing the entire virtual platform for peak performance & reliability

--  Eliminates virtual disk I/O bottlenecks
--  Invisibly defrags the "fragmentation on top of fragmentation" in
    virtual environments
--  Fully synchronizes operations between host and guest systems
--  Frees up vital space wasted by dynamic disks

System Requirements

--  Host requires Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V role. Guest supports
    Windows 2000 (SP3), Windows XP (SP2), Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista,
    Windows Server 2008/2008R2 and Windows 7.

Those familiar with the Diskeeper® product line will appreciate the same real-time "on the fly" benefits of V-locity's operations. By employing the company's proprietary InvisiTasking® processing technology, the V-locity virtual platform disk optimizer also performs its functions using only idle resources to ensure zero resource conflict at all times.

Don't make the mistake of launching a virtual environment without the means to keep it reliable. Get V-locity for $199.95 (ESP) per CPU-core. To inquire about volume licensing discounts, call 800-829-6468 or contact your favorite reseller. Trial ware and information available at

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