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November 12, 2008 06:00 ET

HotDoodle Brings Powerful Web Presence to the Masses

Getting Business-Worthy Websites No Longer Daunting; Small Businesses and Professionals Benefit

FREMONT, CA--(Marketwire - November 12, 2008) - Beginning today, small businesses and professionals can get expert help in creating a powerful web presence, quickly, easily, and affordably. Not just another hosting or website publishing service, HotDoodle is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering from Metabyte, Inc. that gives customers everything they need to design, host, update, and maintain websites -- without purchasing or downloading software, having to code, or dealing with the hassles of finding a web designer.

For the first time, businesses and professionals who need a powerful, feature-rich website can turn to HotDoodle, which includes a network of in-house professionals and web-savvy freelancers, who are called HotDoodle PenPals™. Whether customers choose to build their website themselves or engage a HotDoodle PenPal to build or enhance it for them, making a mark on the web has never been easier.

"Websites are the business cards of the 21st century, but until now small businesses and professionals were at a disadvantage because of the cost, skill, and complications involved in getting and maintaining a robust website," said Manu Mehta, CEO of Metabyte, Inc., the parent company of HotDoodle. "Until now one's choices to get a business-worthy website were grim. One could hire expensive professionals and be dependent on them for each change, or use a Do-It-Yourself web service with limited capabilities, or learn new software and hosting jargon -- leaving no time to run a business."

Unique Combination of People, Technology, and Process

From concept and design and actual implementation to ongoing hosting and timely revisions, HotDoodle puts a powerful web presence without its hassles into customers' hands. Customers can build their website themselves or put the project out to bid among the HotDoodle PenPals to find the perfect skill and cost fit. With access to diverse expertise in the PenPal network, which includes web-savvy college students as well as freelance professionals, and envisioned to grow to include seasoned Madison Avenue advertising executives, HotDoodle customers can tap into a broad range of knowledge and skills to level the playing field against deep-pocketed competitors.

"Much like assembling a bicycle, some folks want to do it themselves, or some will happily pay someone else to do it," said Mehta. "The HotDoodle development team realized that no matter how easy we made it, there are some things people just want someone else to do. At HotDoodle, the customer can use the do-it-yourself option. Or, hire a PenPal. In either case, they can make quick changes anytime independently."

Next, HotDoodle's unique online SaaS makes everything from building a new website to minor enhancements to major revisions simple and easy. A HotDoodle website is built using blocks that are inserted into a template. HotDoodle's block-based architecture delivers powerful websites simply by adding blocks instead of complicated HTML or Java code. There is a block for just about everything -- text, picture albums, product catalogs, calendars, bulletin boards, private pages, and much more. And the HotDoodle library of blocks continues to grow. Further, features such as search-engine-optimization, background music, alternate landing pages, traffic analytics and more come standard.

Finally, with HotDoodle customers gain the power of the web, but leave behind its overhead and burdens. HotDoodle takes care of everything from design, domains, hosting, and practical access to ongoing help -- all in one place. No longer does a business have to select a web designer, oversee implementation, find a hosting service, and track its web files--only to be dependent on someone else to make simple changes.

About HotDoodle

HotDoodle is THE web presence service for the masses. HotDoodle was developed, incubated, and is operated by Metabyte, Inc., a leading information technology (IT) services company trusted by Fortune 500 and mid-market enterprises worldwide. Metabyte is best known for innovation since 1993. HotDoodle was beta tested with the help of small businesses in Fremont, Calif. For more information, please visit

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