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June 24, 2009 09:00 ET

Houston Dog Trainer Offers Help for Aggressive Breeds

Shelmar Kennels Sees Increase in Aggressive Behavior Due to Inbreeding and Neglectful Owners

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - June 24, 2009) - Aggressive behavior in dogs can have frightening consequences. Breeds such as pit bulls have bitten and mauled humans, but sadly, they are not the only dogs who may need training to overcome aggressive tendencies. Houston dog trainer Martin Bell, the owner of Shelmar Kennels, notes that even the most aggressive canines can be rehabilitated with patient handling and training.

Aggressive behavior is sometimes a direct result of inbreeding, but in many cases, dogs exhibit negative behavior if they are not cared for properly. One of the frustrations Bell notes is that dog owners are not judicious in selecting the right type of breed for their lifestyle. Many breeds need vigorous exercise, and if kept confined, they become frustrated and become aggressive.

At Shelmar Kennels training specifically addresses dog behavior problems such as biting, aggression, attention deficit and other undesirable behaviors. For training to be successful, a comprehensive consultation is arranged to fully assess each dog and the behaviors that need to be rehabilitated. Both Martin and his wife, Shelly, have seen their dedication and patience rewarded with dogs that had major behavioral issues, but responded to their training.

"It is important to understand aggressive behavior," said Bell. "There are reasons why it happens and we focus on techniques that are effective in correcting the negative behavior. We always feel a tremendous sense of pride when we are able to rehabilitate these animals and potentially save a dog from being destroyed."

In addition to the challenge of correcting aggressive behaviors, Shelmar Kennels offers a number of dog obedience programs. Their approach to dog behavior modification is centered on creating a positive learning environment. Dogs can begin obedience training at five or six months as younger dogs with fewer bad habits have greater retention of the four basic commands of sit, stay, heel and come.

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Martin and Shelly Bell opened Shelmar Kennels in 1996. Both have experience in training all breeds and operating one of the premier Houston dog training schools. Located on a 20-acre complex in Katy, Texas, Shelmar Kennels offers a range of dog obedience training as well as short and long term boarding for all breeds.

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