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May 02, 2011 17:10 ET

Houston Leading Dog Trainer, Shelmar Kennels, Shares the Secret to Better Management Skills

Good Management Skills Can Apply Equally to Pets as Work Staff -- Trust and Respect Among Cornerstone of Top Dog Training Technique

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - May 2, 2011) - Houston dog training expert Martin Bell of Shelmar Kennels shares dog training secrets employed at home, while educating the public on the effectiveness of the technique in other managerial settings.

"It's all about teaching patterns of behavior, acceptance of criticism and correction, building trust, responsiveness and mutual respect," said Bell, renowned throughout Houston for his effective dog-training approach.

"It doesn't matter if we're talking about dogs or people. Those you manage look to you as their leader. Both dogs and people refuse to follow weakness -- and respond best in a decisive environment with trust and shared respect," added Bell.

According to Bell, dog training should begin in the home for the best outcome.

Houston dog obedience training sessions at home force dog owners to learn another style of effective training and management -- with a trainee that doesn't speak their language, or clearly understand what is required.

According to Houston dog trainers and owners of Houston dog obedience training facility Shelmar Kennels, Martin and Shelly Bell, training is a two-step approach. They first train the dogs, then the owners.

"We may have a dog behaving perfectly for us, though misbehaves as soon as the owner takes over because too often it is accustomed to getting away with bad behavior. Without adequate leadership, it is difficult to command it. Basically dog and owner lack confidence in each other; the dog immediately picks up on this and responds by doing whatever it wants," said Bell.

"Substitute the word dog for employee and it reminds me of some offices I used to work in!" added Bell.

Martin and Shelly Bell's Houston dog training sessions focus on building mutual respect -- showing owners how to build trust in their pet by teaching accepted patterns of behavior, explaining how and why dogs must be corrected when they're wrong and teaching dog owners how to have confidence in their ability.

"Remember dogs and people refuse to follow weakness. Effective management will make you a positive, strong and indispensable leader -- in many aspects of your life," said Bell.

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