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April 23, 2016 03:51 ET

Houston Repipe and PEX Experts at Clean Team Plumbing Announce No Cost Estimates for Water Lines With a $100 Off Coupon

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - April 23, 2016) -  Houston repipe specialists at Clean Team Plumbing are now offering no cost estimates for whole house water line replacement and a $100 off coupon expiring April 22, 2016.

Houston Repipe specialists at Clean Team Plumbing serve the entire Houston Metro Area including Spring and Katy. They are Repipe specialists who have been providing galvanized pipe replacement using PEX and copper piping for almost 20 years. "We are excited about the growth of our company and we want to say thanks to the community by providing a $100 off coupon which can be applied to any re-piping project we are hired for, including PEX piping," says Brad Mallory, Owner of Clean Team Plumbing serving Houston.

Houston Repipe Specialists

Over the last 20 years Clean Team Plumbing has built a solid reputation as one of the most respected Houston repiping, galvanized pipe replacement and whole house plumbing companies. Clean Team Plumbing is now offering no cost galvanized water pipe replacement and repipe estimates for homeowners and businesses in Houston. "We are offering this no cost estimate and repipe discount because many of the houses in Houston are more than 45 years old and a lot of them need repiping because of problems with the existing system," says Brad Mallory, Owner of Clean Team Plumbing in Houston.

Houston repipe specialists at Clean Team Plumbing want homeowners to be able to recognize when they have a problem and they say the problems are easy to recognize. "Some of the most common signs a home in Houston needs a repipe are easy to recognize. Some of the problems include low water pressure or the shower suddenly becoming cold when someone flushes the toilet," says Brad. Galvanized water pipes rust form the inside out. Over time corrosion builds up inside the pipes that cannot be seen. As the years pass and the corrosion gets worse the water pressure is affected more. Other problems associated with this corrosion can include high levels of metals and other materials that people don't want in their water. Clean Team Plumbing encourages people who think they need a PEX repipe to take advantage of their new offer.

According to the experts at Clean Team Plumbing other reasons a Houston PEX repipe specialist may be needed include leaky pipes. With galvanized pipes that are severely rusted from the inside the homeowner will start to notice pin hole leaks. Depending on where the leaks are located, this water can cause major damage to the structure, especially if left unattended. "If you have leaky pipes, low water pressure or any other problem it is critical to get them repaired quickly. We can evaluate the condition of your fresh water pipes for no cost and we are offering a new coupon," says Brad.

Houston galvanized pipe replacement and repiping experts at Clean Team Plumbing want consumers to understand that in most installation galvanized plumbing pipes last up to fifty years, however, locally things are different. "In Houston and surrounding areas we have a lot of minerals in the water and we also have chlorination. These things lead to a significantly shorter life span for galvanized pipes in Houston, we usually see original pipes lasting only 25-30 years," says Brad.

Houston repiping experts will perform an in home inspection of a homeowner's current home plumbing system for no cost with this announcement. If they determine that the home is in need of repiping they usually recommend PEX repiping according to Brad. "We are certified as a Premier Uponor Installer, which manufactures PEX piping. We feel like this is generally the best solution for the problem when it comes to whole house repiping in Houston, Spring and Katy." According to Brad the PEX piping comes with a 25 year manufacturer's warranty and a 10 year guarantee from Clean Team Plumbing. Call them now at (713) 568-1346 to schedule a no cost consultation with one of their Repipe Specialists in Houston.

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