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February 17, 2015 16:03 ET

How a Branding Agency Can Assist You With 3 Brand Components

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwired - February 17, 2015) - Establishing the correct brand is one of the most important decisions a business will have to make. A brand helps create trust and connects consumers to your business on many levels. More often than not, business owners know what type of brand they desire, but they don't know how to achieve it. 

This is where a branding agency can help. Hiring a branding agency can help your business establish the brand that you want. A good branding agency will listen to how your business pictures their brand and build upon it to connect to a wider audience.

A branding agency can help you in these three major areas:

Your Brand Experience

Achieving a great brand experience isn't easy. It takes a great marketing campaign along with a great product, but establishing a brand goes much further than just selling products to customers. Think about the way people perceive Harley Davidson. There's a lot more to their bikes than just a smooth ride. You're also promised an exhilarating experience each time you go on the road. 

Harley Davidson stands behind this claim full heartedly, which creates brand-trust with their consumers. If a consumer has a bad experience with your business it's not only bad for business, but also bad for your brand. The consumer experience is vital to creating trust in your brand. 

A branding agency can help communicate your businesses promise to the consumer.

Your Brand Appearance

How consumers perceive your brand has a lot to do with your brand appearance. According to a recent Branding Magazine, even choosing your brand colors is a big decision:  

"In terms of visual brand elements, color is probably the factor that contributes most to evoking a specific feeling. In fact, research shows that color accounts for 90% of snap judgments, which makes it a critical element of both branding and design. In terms of website experience, the predominant color or color of a product can have an astonishing influence on people's purchase behavior."

Choosing the right colors is much more complicated than associating red with power and blue with a calming effect. 

While sometimes it's important to reinvent yourself, it's also important to not change your brand appearance too often. If Coca Cola changed the color of their cans every year, their brand would become mixed and un-credible. They would seem unstable to their consumer and consequently lose trust. 

Your Brand Attitude

Do you want consumers to perceive your brand as reliable, innovative, or rebellious? Your brand attitude has a big effect on consumers and the way they approach your company. 

A great brand agency will help establish your brand attitude to fit the audience you want to reach, which in turn will create higher revenue and awareness. But the brand attitude is something that must be practiced throughout the entire company, as part of the company culture, not just the marketing department.

Just think of how Amazon's brand attitude impacts consumers. They know that if anything goes wrong, they'll deal with an excellent customer support team and will probably get their money back. There's no risk when you work with a reliable vendor. 

As a branding agency, Beholder connects brands with consumers through integrated solutions and strategies. Our clients know that we will immerse ourselves in their work and create results, and more importantly they TRUST us with their brand. 

If you're considering a branding agency, be sure to address all aspects of their capabilities. The experience, the appearance, and the attitude will help in determining the right branding agency for your company.

Beholder is a branding agency based in the Mid-Atlantic region. As a strategic brand partner, Beholder serves as a full service brand strategy, integrated marketing, communications, video and film production, content marketing, digital marketing, public relations (PR), web design, social media marketing, and graphic design agency... all under one roof. Beholder connects Brands with Consumers using Integrated Solutions that Gets Results. Visit us at or call 844-BEHOLD-R today.

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