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July 13, 2011 12:04 ET

How Brainworks Addresses Mail Preparation With MailRoom ToolKit®

Gains Cost Savings and Flexibility by Integrating Satori Solutions

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - Jul 13, 2011) - Brainworks Software originally designed their powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite to help newspapers manage advertising. When Brainworks added newspaper circulation management to the roster it needed one extra component: mail preparation.

Brainworks turned to Satori Software for the solution.

"We have the expertise for publishing and Satori has the mailing expertise; it's a marriage made in heaven," says Brainworks General Manager Dick Kitzmiller. "Integration was about as plug-and-play as you can get. After we had the sample code for MailRoom ToolKit Architect, integrating the module took our IT staff just a few development hours."

The flexibility of the Architect API enables programmers to easily incorporate MailRoom ToolKit data-handling routines in IT platforms, whether based in COM, .NET or on a website. Users can also select the mailing and address correction features that best fit their needs.

"Postal rules and regulations are dynamic and ever changing," says Joe Skop, senior vice president of worldwide sales for Satori Software Inc. "It wouldn't make sense for a company developing a CRM or an ERP system to take on the development costs of managing a mailing preparation solution."

"Finding a full-featured mailing preparation application that would easily integrate into the Brainworks management suite wasn't an easy task," says Kitzmiller. "We were lucky to find MailRoom ToolKit Architect. It gave us everything we wanted, plus regular updates to manage ever evolving postal codes."

Integrating Architect into the Brainworks software suite resulted in direct savings for publishers who mail periodicals, flyers and bill subscriptions in bulk. Accuracy, standardized formatting of address lists, along with optimizing postage rates and delivery options also add significant cost savings.

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