December 17, 2013 09:30 ET

How Consumers Can Use Their Smartphones to Save Money

5 benefits of going Unwalleted this holiday season

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Dec. 17, 2013) - Finding the best presents and scoring a great deal can be a fun sport for savvy shoppers who have the time to hunt down what they want to buy. Many shoppers use gift cards or rely on the perks of their loyalty and membership cards to also save money. The challenge for consumers is sorting through their coupons, keeping track of their deals and remembering to use their loyalty cards.

According to recent research by Vibes, a mobile marketing tech firm, 86% of consumers plan to use their phones this holiday season. 44% want to receive compelling offers and discounts, 17% are looking for the best selection of product, 14% will look for the most convenient location and 13% want personalized offers/discounts relevant to their behaviours.

Unwalleted is an all-in-one smartphone app for consumers to organize loyalty cards, promotional offers, coupons, gift cards, hotel points, airline rewards, gym memberships and more. With real-time access to gift card balances.

"When we created Unwalleted our goal was a smartphone app to store gift and loyalty cards in one place for users to take advantage of their perks, but we took it a step further and made the app an all-in-one location to save and organize coupons and promotional offers," says Sam Natur, Unwalleted Co-Founder. "We are seeing more businesses take advantage of sending customized offers to their customers' email boxes and Unwalleted solves two problems. It gives a user control in the palm of their hand to receive the card rewards and recognition they deserve, plus the ability to receive and store offers from their favourite businesses without cluttering their email box or wallet."

Here's how to save money this holiday season with Unwalleted:

  1. Don't forget loyalty cards at home. With Unwalleted users have fast access, organization and storage of an unlimited number of cards in one location on their smartphone.
  2. Never miss a deal because the email got lost. Receive and sort deals in the Unwalleted app, so all offers are in one place.
  3. Remember to use a coupon, deal or gift card before it's expired. Unwalleted allows users to set reminders for renewals or cancellation to help keep track of cards.
  4. Find retailers anywhere who accept specific cards through the in app Google Maps® function.
  5. Know how much money is left to spend on gift cards with real-time card balance information that is secure through card number and PIN authentication.

In addition to saving time and money by using their smartphones, consumers are demanding more from retailers. According to recent research consumers are looking to their favourite brands and retailers for the best deals with 44% wanting to receive compelling offers and coupons and 13% wanting personalized offers/discounts relevant to their behaviours.

Small businesses and large retailers are starting to take advantage of mobile technology and are sending compelling offers and discount offers to their customers in order to build customer loyalty. According to Ron Ramjitsingh of Master Mechanic, Erin Mills, "in our business digital marketing is the best approach to reach new customers and increase our referral business. We have found that we reach new customers and increase traffic to our shop through these offers, and people do use their smartphones to present their codes to redeem offers." Master Mechanic is a Canadian controlled private corporation established in 1982 with 39 franchise locations throughout Southern Ontario, offering after-market automotive repair and maintenance.

Unwalleted users simply input their card information into one app and show their smartphone to the cashier rather than presenting the physical card. Unwalleted is available on the iOS platform for $1.99 in the Apple itunes store and will be available to android users early next year.

About Unwalleted: Launched in June 2013, Unwalleted is a mobile wallet for non-payment transactions that turns card chaos into an all-in-one storage solution for users to easily organize, access and use their loyalty cards, coupons, gift cards, hotel points, airline rewards, gym memberships, and more. Unwalleted provides an innovative solution that helps Canadians use their smartphones to find their cards, view card balances, and receive offers. Unwalleted was founded by Sam Natur, Mark Walden and Rishi Arora from Toronto, Canada. For more information, please visit www.unwalleted.com.



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