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May 30, 2012 07:53 ET

How Equipe Tyre & Autocare Benefitted from First Utility Smart Meters

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - May 30, 2012) - The UK's leading independent energy supplier First Utility recently helped automotive business Equipe Tyre & Autocare to save an average of 30% per year on a £2000+ per month spend with energy monitoring smart meters. Read on for an overview of how Equipe profited from a greater visibility of their gas and electricity usage.

The problem

Equipe provides automotive products and fitting services from ten premises around the UK. Because the business operates across multiple sites, keeping on top of energy bills was proving difficult and with meters being read infrequently, bills were often over-estimated and costly.

In short, Equipe needed a solution that would allow them to monitor usage, reduce the amount of energy wasted and most importantly ensure accurate billing for all of its premises.

The solution

Gas and electricity supplier First Utility worked with Equipe to install smart metering technology across nine of its premises, enabling the business to monitor its energy usage and - most importantly - receive accurate bills.

Equipe director Graeme Hepburn stated: "The data we can now see through the online portal enables each site to monitor and manage its own energy consumption. Each site sets a target and aims to consume less power; their efforts are forcing down our operating costs. The data provided by the smart meter is invaluable, without it we could not manage our energy consumption to this level."

The result

Two years after installing the smart meters energy supplier First Utility continues to provide Equipe's Head Office with one accurate monthly bill, broken down by site to allow full visibility of consumption and costs for each premise. This new approach to energy provision has helped Equipe make considerable savings across the whole of the business as well as improve its ability to manage financial budgets with more confidence.

Graeme Hepburn concluded: "We now receive 100% accurate bills via the smart meter, allowing us to budget more accurately. We pay for what we use and there are no more estimates. Now we also have data to hand and can ensure that each site is on the correct tariff. The installation of smart meters has saved us on average 30% per annum, on a £2000+ per month spend, this is a considerable figure."

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