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February 23, 2017 12:30 ET

How Much Does Calgary Poop? The Scoop on Poop You Didn't Know You Needed

CALGARY, AB--(Marketwired - February 23, 2017) - How much solid human waste does the city of Calgary produce on an average day? It's not a question most people think about -- but after a moment of curiosity, local plumbing company Quicker Rooter Plumbing and Heating saw an opportunity for a different kind of investigation. Since nobody really seemed to know, they put their journalist hat on and went hunting.

What did they find? "1,223,728.5L of poop collectively weighing around 1,076,881 lbs. Roughly." Every single day. If that number feels meaningless, they also tacked on some handy mental visualizations.

They say, "That's enough to create close to a 1 metre thick layer of sludge on the ice at the new Rogers Place in Edmonton (and be altogether more appealing than what is currently on display).

"That's enough to crush around 119 Smart Cars!

"It would fill 45 school buses. Or about 2,786,961.25 16oz cups of coffee."

They give their own detailed breakdown of how they found the number, but here's the short of it: City of Calgary and provincial data were analyzed, along with conversations with waste water treatment plant employees. The city data was crunched using information given by the treatment plants -- and a number was produced. However, given that this was an unofficial answer, they did some due diligence in comparing it to another method to ensure it was meaningful.

The data produced number was compared with scientific research about how much solid waste the average adult and child produce daily. This number was multiplied by the corresponding adult and child populations in Calgary. The second answer came in a little lower, but they were close enough to each other to give merit to the data produced number. To be conservative, they split the difference between the two numbers for the end result.

It didn't go unnoticed that the two numbers suggest that Calgarians might be pooping at above average rates. As for why that might be the case? They have a theory for that too: "Who knows really, but we might just like to do things bigger in Alberta."

Here's the official scoop on poop from Quicker Rooter's blog.

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