October 17, 2006 11:38 ET

How NOT to lose your cell phone.

The affordable way to protect your items from loss.

Attention: Assignment Editor, Business/Financial Editor, Lifestyle Editor, News Editor, Tech/Telecomm Editor WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CONSUMER AWARENESS--(CCNMatthews - Oct. 17, 2006) - Have you ever left a cell phone, camera or laptop behind in a taxicab, restaurant or airport? Did you have a feeling a panic when you were searching your pants, purse or jacket for the item? Did you have a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realized it was indeed lost? Don't worry this is not uncommon. With the myriad of gadgets and portable electronics today, people are inundated with things to carry around. It is only natural to misplace a few items from time to time.

Here are some facts:

* A study conducted by Pointsec Mobile Technologies, a mobile-data protection software company in Chicago, tracked items left behind in taxis in eight other countries. One cab company in Chicago had the highest numbers: In the final six months of 2004, it found, in its 113 taxis, 387 mobile phones, 97 PDAs and Pocket PCs and 20 laptops.

* 99% of cell phone owners do not back up the data on their phones. When your cell phone is lost or stolen, that precious information is gone. - The Wall Street Journal, May 2003.

* FOX News WFLD in Chicago did a news piece where they purposely lost 2 cell phones and got them back within 3 hours., November 2005

Now most of our portable devices can be replaced. For example, mobile phones won't cost you and arm and a leg when you are signing a new contract or upgrading, but if you just want to buy a new phone while on a contract, that can start to become expensive. In fact, it will most likely be more than what you paid for it the first time. And even after you get your new device there are still many things to do such as re-enter your contact information, reprogram your phone, reinstall your software, and so on. After all, you did remember to back everything up right?

The good news is that there is a service that helps return your favorite portable device back to you quickly and safely when lost. TrackItBack is a lost and found recovery service for portable consumer electronics that uses an ID label and reward system to reunite lost items with owners. Customers affix TrackItBack ID labels to their valuable items and register them through their Web site. Each ID label has a unique code. When a registered item is lost, the ID label instructs the finder to contact TrackItBack, and a reward is offered for doing so. TrackItBack makes all of the necessary arrangements for the item's safe return. All finders receive a TrackItBack gift pack for their honesty, while customers have the option of offering an additional cash reward. The product and service is now available through a variety of retailers and at

"TrackItBack provides our customers with peace of mind, protects their privacy and is not only effective, but affordable," says TrackItBack President Jason Wagner.

The cost for TrackItBack's service is a one-time fee of only $9.95 per ID label and is available at London Drugs or online at Through TrackItBack's global recovery network, they are able to return your lost and recovered item to you from anywhere in the world, an expense that is paid for by TrackItBack and is free to its customers.

About TrackItBack

TrackItBack is the world's most comprehensive lost and found recovery service. Our privacy protecting coded ID labels, 24/7 service and global recovery network provide the most effective and affordable protection for your personal property. In today's fast paced mobile world, we are often "misplacing" our cell phones, cameras, laptops, MP3 players, Blackberries other portable items. The more of these items we own, the more likely we are to lose them.
TrackItBack offers device ID labels for all the major portable electronic devices such as cell phones, digital cameras, electronic organizers, MP3 players, gaming units, laptops and many other devices. TrackItBack is headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada with satellite offices in Phoenix, London and Brisbane. For more information, please visit or call 1-877-347-7222. /For further information: IN: RETAIL, SOCIAL, TECHNOLOGY, TELECOMM, TRAVEL

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