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September 17, 2008 15:26 ET

How One South Texas Community Reacts to World Energy Crisis

LOS FRESNOS, TX--(Marketwire - September 17, 2008) - The Lakes Master Planned Community in Los Fresnos, Texas has announced the successful installation of the first wind-driven electric generator connection at a residence in the nearly 750-acre project. The wind generating unit is about 30 feet tall and will generate approximately 1.8 kilowatts of electricity to supplement the electrical needs of the home. When the electricity from the windmill exceeds the home use, the power feeds back through a "reverse meter" into the Electric Reliability Council of Texas' grid and the owner is paid for the electricity provided to the system.

Los Fresnos Mayor David Winstead commented, "We are watching very closely in the hopes that this may be a workable model for the future. If this first wind-generator is a success, we will implement a City Ordinance for regulating their installation. As a proud citizen of Los Fresnos, Texas, it is good to be on the forefront of applying new technology to reduce our dependence on foreign energy resources."

"This has great potential to ease the energy crisis. It is one very small piece in a huge network, but as more people do this, huge savings and less energy dependency could be doubly beneficial," added Los Fresnos resident Charles Schmidt.

The Lakes is being developed by Outstanding Development LTD. Manager Bill Hudson stated, "This is the first of what may become many wind-driven electric generators in the development. We will carefully monitor the savings resulting from this connection and, if economically justifiable, will encourage future residents to consider using this alternate energy source in their homes."

"I look forward to working with this development and anybody else who wants to become more independent in their energy use," commented Moore Energy CEO Larry Moore.

The Los Fresnos development, to be known as "The Lakes," is expected to more than double the population and tax base of Los Fresnos over the next 15 years. The project plan, which has been approved by the Los Fresnos City Council, includes schools, parks, green space, hike and bike trails and a mix of residential and commercial uses. The plan envisions 2,200 housing units over a 747-acre area.

AEP Texas Vice President of External Affairs Julio Reyes, stated, "We applaud Outstanding Development's efforts to explore renewable energy within the Lakes Community. As the area's energy delivery company we support innovative ideas and practices designed to enhance the state's energy security."

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