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June 12, 2012 13:45 ET

How Rock Fans Get the Show They Came For, in Supply Chain Digital

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 12, 2012) - We love rock stars for being explosive and unpredictable, so the story about Van Halen's David Lee Roth trashing his dressing room over brown M&M's is a much-cherished lark to all us fans.

For the sake of badass rock star cred, it would have been nice if he'd done it because he was blitzed, or trying to impress a groupie, or bowled over by the music. After all, for the fans, that's what the spirit of rock and roll is all about.

Well, it is -- to those of us who've never had to put on a rock show. But to Van Halen, that's the business they had to carry out every night -- and with the most elaborate sound and lighting set-up in concert history. The band provided precise directions to hall managers for its shows. But after many mistakes occurred, Roth became convinced that they were going unread.

So he inserted the brown M&M's rider into the middle of the contract. That way, if he reached the dressing room for the show and found the candy there, he would know the directions hadn't been read, and would conclude that he, his band-mates, and the audience might be in danger. That's when he'd start trashing the dressing room -- to send the message that Van Halen's shows absolutely had to go off without a hitch.

Being a rock star and not a supply chain manager, Roth didn't bother revealing the truth: that the brown M&M's weren't about the spirit of rock and roll at all -- they were about the spirit of logistics. But as he put it, "Who am I to get in the way of a good rumor?"

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