May 15, 2013 13:42 ET

How to Choose the Right C&D Recycling Partner

RUTLAND, VERMONT--(Marketwired - May 15, 2013) - Choosing a strong construction and demolition recycling partner is one of the most beneficial steps in the pursuit of a LEED or Green Building designation for your project. Under the LEED scoring system, up to two points are available for recycling and diversion of construction and demolition (C&D) debris. One point can be earned by diverting 50% of C&D debris, and a second point can be earned by hitting 75% diversion.

A variety of diversion solutions are available for the materials that make up C&D debris:

  • Cardboard, paper, plastic and metal can be processed through the traditional recycling streams
  • Clean wood can be chipped and processed for use as mulch or renewable energy biofuel
  • Crushed concrete and other clean rubble can be used as hard fill in building projects
  • Dirt, rock, and other processed C&D can be approved for use as alternate daily cover at landfills.

To be successful with C&D diversion on a LEED or green building construction project, it is important to select a strong C&D diversion contractor to partner with that will take your goals to heart. An ideal partner, such as Casella, can provide a comprehensive selection of C&D waste management solutions including recycling, garbage pickup and dumpster rental. They will also provide a clear and practical plan, custom-tailored to your project, local and regional facility capable of processing the materials you generate.

In addition to providing the services you need, Casella will take a personal interest in your successful achievement of a LEED or green building designation and provide educational support and advice about proven ways that can help you achieve higher diversion rates. To learn more about making Casella your C&D recycling partner, visit:

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