British Gas

British Gas

October 05, 2012 05:00 ET

How to Cut the Cost of Household Bills This Autumn

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Oct. 5, 2012) - From gas and electricity costs to the weekly shop, the list of household bills can sometimes seem endless. Luckily there are some quick and simple ways to reduce the cost of running a home, without compromising on comfort or quality. Here are some top tips on how to make immediate savings on your household bills this autumn.


Central heating is one of the most expensive parts of running a home during the colder months, but many of us are spending more than we need to. Old G-rated boilers can waste up to 30p in every £1 spent on energy. All new British Gas boilers are A-rated and 90% more efficient, helping to protect your wallet as well as the environment. If you'd like to upgrade your central heating, you should also consider taking out British Gas boiler insurance for peace of mind that your home and family are protected this autumn and winter. From basic boiler and controls breakdown cover to HomeCare 400 including plumbing and home electrics insurance, there's a policy to suit every budget.

Television & Internet

Switching between digital television and broadband providers can often seem like a daunting task, but taking the time to find the best deal can help to cut down on your monthly bills substantially. You can usually haggle with the customer services department of your current provider to reduce your bills, particularly if you threaten to take another deal elsewhere. Another tip is to take a closer look at how much television you actually watch over the course of a week. Keep a notebook by the sofa and note down which programmes you watch and for how long, then use this as a guide to see whether you really need to pay for the premium movie and sports channels.


Food shopping is an essential part of running a home, yet most of the money spent on food in the UK goes to just a handful of major supermarkets. By heading down to your local market to pick up fresh produce you will not only avoid the supermarket tricks that persuade you to buy more than you need, but also help to invest in the local economy. Take the time to plan your meals to help cut down on wastage and talk to the market traders directly about which fruit and vegetables are in season and therefore cheaper.

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