June 10, 2009 14:29 ET

How to Get Your Ex Back Made Simple by Revolutionary Program

GAINESVILLE, FL--(Marketwire - June 10, 2009) - The last thing anyone wants to hear from their love is "it's over," but according to one relationship guru, it doesn't have to be. Biology and pre-programmed responses are responsible for human courtship and those same rituals can be used to restore an old flame.

The process, he claims, is simple once you learn to ignore what your emotions tell you to do. Self-control, dedication, and the right knowledge will help you succeed 95% of the time.

"It has to do with the basic laws of attraction," says George Archer, owner of the site "We all want strong mates, so crying and begging is completely counter-productive. Confident people are attractive, un-confident people aren't, but it's a delicate balance that you have to maintain here to achieve your desired results. This really will teach you how to get your ex back."

The unorthodox methods of the program are almost completely opposite from mainstream relationship counseling methods. While most social psychologists will advise people to "get in touch with their feelings," the program actually advises quite the opposite.

"When the experts tell you to do it one way with very limited to no results, it's time to change directions, even if it is unorthodox to get the results you are seeking," states George. "And this is what the program is all about. Results based on science, human behavior, and fact and not chance, speculation, or theory. We are hard-wired to give certain responses to certain acts and body language... we can't help it. Even voice inflections can change the way we (and our motives) are perceived, therefore creating a higher or lower perception of how valuable we are as a potential mate."

As one of the hottest self-help books currently available, it is set to revolutionize relationships in America.

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