July 20, 2012 06:53 ET

How to Increase Online Sales

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - July 20, 2012) - Ecommerce websites "raison d'etre" is to sell products and services and to that end the online business has two requirements. Firstly, the key concept in developing an ecommerce solution is business. The cyber sales world must recognise that the core of an online platform is planning a business strategy that works on its own.

There has to be a sound business model and business plan in place initially for an ecommerce application to work successfully. Those with a modicum of business acumen and common sense would only undertake an on line sales platform confident in the knowledge that their venture has a solid business base that can be grown through a cyber sales solution.

At this point you can ask yourself "What makes an ecommerce web design sell?" and elucidate all those essential technical details that collectively create a successful cyber sales platform. A savvy web design team will integrate all the requisite technology to ensure that your Website is not only clearly visible to web surfers but also designs with SEO in mind so that your online presence is immediately boosted to promote good rankings in Google within a defined time frame. They will also ensure that content is informative, concise and interesting enough to sustain site visitor attention and sales conversions.

In the sphere of product sales it is essential to incorporate relevant product information and clear pricing - the simple things which if neglected will simply drive footfall to alternative websites. From a critically technical perspective there are certain elements that must be integrated in the website design and development to ensure an ecommerce website sells. If you have researched your target market and you are now familiar with it you can discuss it at length with your website designers so they can provide you with an intuitive interface design to suit the market.

An element that can be a bug bear for potential customers is site navigation. Again if it is not user friendly there is every likelihood that your potential customers will move quickly to a competitive website out of sheer frustration. Your web designers should advise you carefully on this aspect of your on line sales application and implement the best possible solution for your business.

It is also essential that you have a payment process that is secure and transparent and that operates speedily. This needs to work seamlessly with your shopping basket element to ensure purchasing multiple products becomes an effortless exercise. Of course to provide this integrated seamless shopping experience your website needs secure coding and it is the responsibility of the programmers to provide that much needed online security. Experienced web designers and coders can navigate you through the maze of technology to make your ecommerce application a selling machine. Some are better than others at integrating SEO features that can make a big difference to your on line performance so it pays to commission the best. The best qualified can advise on good quality informative product/category descriptions that will enhance on-site SEO.

Another element worth integrating is Product Video, which makes the user experience more interactive and featuring a sales director as the human face of the virtual platform can have a positive impact on potential customers who can sometimes feel estranged from the cyber sales environment.

Off-site SEO requires the assistance of tried and tested experts in the field and you will neglect this aspect of you marketing strategy at your peril. It is a combination of on-site and off-site SEO that will drive your Google rankings towards top placings on page one of Google. That is ideally where you want to be to achieve maximum footfall and sales conversions. In this era of social media you definitely need amazing social that communicates meaningfully with your customers and a professional customers services that offers reassurance to all your customers and instils confidence in your sales processes and products is also an essential element of your ecommerce website.

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