Billionaire Tycoon

Billionaire Tycoon

December 01, 2011 16:11 ET

How to Turn 100K Into 1 Billion

Hugely Anticipated Board Game from England is Being Launched in America Just in Time for Christmas

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Dec. 1, 2011) - Devised by two entrepreneurs from London's prestigious Mayfair business district, Billionaire Tycoon, is a unique and thrilling board game, launched exclusively at Harrods last year. The game shares ideas, skills and strategies used by some of the richest and most successful businessmen in the World.

Billionaire Tycoon is a game of negotiating, deal making, taking risks and keeping a solid poker-face. The creators say they wanted to share the skills, secrets and know-how to become seriously business savvy, while having fun at the same time.

"Players will experience a range of emotions and constantly be thinking of new ways to win. This is closest you can get to being a real business tycoon without risking your life savings and years of hard work" says co-creator Seth Surya.

Critics have already dubbed Billionaire Tycoon as 'Monopoly for the globe-trekking generation' and the game was voted one of the best Mens Gifts by CityAm & DailyCandy.

The game story: You were once a successful business tycoon and you lost your business empire in the recession. You have managed to secure a £100,000 loan from a bank manager and you are on a mission to rebuild your global business empire as fast as you can. The objective of the game is to become the wealthiest player through acquiring, trading and selling businesses across the world while using your people to attack and defend against other players. You will need to negotiate, strategise, take risks, make intelligent decisions and think like a real billionaire to win. Do whatever it takes and don't waste time because the first player with £1 billion cash without any debts will win the game.

Billionaire Tycoon is available from and costs $34.95. The game is suitable for ages 12 years and upwards and can be played by up to four players. It is addictive, exciting and will keep your family and friends up all night until a billionaire is made.

As befits tycoons and would-be tycoons - there is also a luxury version. Made from Swedish super-car hide (as used on Lamborghinis) and Italian leather, with nickel-plated playing pieces and black-suede lined dice cups, this will sell for over $8,000.

Notes to editors:

The game was developed by London based entrepreneurs Seth Surya and Shameek Upadhya. Both are available for comment or interview opportunities.

Ages: 12 - Adult

2 - 4 Players

Priced $34.95

Available to buy from

More information at

Interview with Shameek Upadhya and Seth Surya

How much was the recession responsible for the existence and nature of the game?

"It turns out that downturns are times of tremendous opportunity and growth for entrepreneurs. Your mindset, attitude and actions have to change to achieve success in this new economic environment. Everyone is now looking for new opportunities, collaborations and creative new revenue generating angles. Making money and growing particularly in difficult times, is the theme behind Billionaire Tycoon" Said Seth.

What is special about playing Billionaire Tycoon?

"This is the closest you can get to being a real business tycoon without risking your life savings and years of hard work. Deal making, tough negotiations and street smart will give players the best chance of winning After playing Billionaire Tycoon, you'll be asking for deals everywhere and negotiating prices fearlessly!" commented Shameek.


'Taking Risk to the City, Billionaire Tycoon is Monopoly for the globe-treking generation'

- Michael McCaw, European CEO Magazine

'We have become obsessed with Billionaire Tycoon. It has taken the boredom out of board games'

- Josh Spero, Spears Wealth Management Survey

'The unabashed pleasure at making money could make players uneasy, particularly if the first tycoon is aged only eight!'

- Madison Marriage, Hedge Funds Review

'Billionaire Tycoon teaches skills and strategies to get you thinking like a winner. Start with almost nothing, and work your way towards financial world domination'

- David Smith, Toy Talk

'Along the way, you can bargain, trade, steal, borrow and even engineer military coups to gain businesses and outfox opponents'

- The Economist

'Taking Monopoly to the next level'

- Trudy Hill, Seventy Thirty

"One of the most exciting board games to be released this year"

- Scotland on Sunday

"A fast-paced game of strategy, negotiating, deal-making, taking risks and keeping a solid poker face"

- Mayfair Times

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