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March 27, 2015 18:02 ET

How Unipathic Medicine Is Using a "Genetic Medical Blueprint" to Better Enhance Cancer Treatments

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - March 27, 2015) - Unipathic Medicine is bringing the best of personalized diagnostics and treatments to cancer patients by establishing a unique, personalized blueprint. This gives patients a new and more targeted approach for the treatment of cancer. The Medical Blueprint now allows patients (and their doctors) to approach cancer treatment in a full and more comprehensive and personalized way. Cancer treatment must focus on five key steps which include: causes, halting the spread, molecular profiling, tumor microenvironment and immunity. When it comes to cancer, this is a wholly different approach than the ones currently used by conventional or alternative cancer centers from around the world. "The Medical Blueprint" is used to target these steps and provide an in depth and full differential diagnosis for patients using: genomics, molecular profiling, metabolic markers, infection exposures, imaging, chemistries, heavy metal toxins, environmental toxins, genetic elimination pathways, removal of underlying causes of disease, nutritional analysis, immune status, etc. Basically, "The Medical Blueprint," identifies unique targets for each patient's expression of disease that physicians can use to improve treatment. After this happens, it is not uncommon for unique treatment methods to be constructed to help the patient achieve optimal health. These treatment methods are particularly important for the treatment of late stage cancers and other complex cancers that require a higher level of medical care.

The factors driving each patient's cancer are different. The causes, tumor microenvironment, how the cancer is developing and spreading, are all different depending on the patient. Unipathic Medicine believes that a personalized approach to each unique patient's expression of disease and factors contributing to that disease is the best answer.

Today's conventional oncology is focused on identifying a cancer type and choosing the matching treatment (a drug), thereby following a cook book, algorithmic process. But for cancer, we have found that this simply does not work for everyone. Unipathic Medicine, on the other hand, goes deeper into what is causing cancer and analyzes the biomarkers, genomic and environmental factors; all of which can be affecting each patient. It doesn't stop there, however. Tailoring each treatment to the patient like a close fitting suit, Unipathic Medicine ensures patients are receiving targeted and viable options that were never previously made available. Unipathic Medicine has already seen the clinical improvement in patient care and we are excited about the future of cancer treatment.

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