SOURCE: Bruce Boyers Marketing Services

June 10, 2008 17:14 ET

How Valuable Is "Periodic" Protection?

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - June 10, 2008) - You would never put your hard-earned money in a bank that advertised "periodic protection"; that explained to you that from the hours of noon until four, Monday through Thursday, your funds would be safe and sound, but at other times the vault would be left open and anybody could just walk off with them. Knowing that nobody would trust such a scheme, banks smartly offer and deliver constant protection to their customers' funds any time they are deposited there, and on top of that even insure them through the Federal Government.

Interestingly, many companies only "periodically protect" their own computer data. They perform a backup once weekly or every few days, and any data saved at that time is neatly backed up and protected. But life and commerce go on -- so what happens to data that is accidentally deleted in-between backups? It's common enough that Microsoft delivers the "Recycle Bin" with every version of the operating system they sell so that users can recover accidentally deleted files.

The Recycle Bin only works, however, for files and data saved on a local hard drive. Fine for a home or single-computer user, but companies operate on networks and most data is saved and stored on servers. As anyone who has tried will tell you, the recovery of accidentally deleted files across a network through the Recycle Bin cannot be done. That data is lost. An earlier version of the data can be recovered from backup (through a time-consuming search and restore) but that's only if a version of the data existed prior to the last backup. If so, the work done since the backup will all have to re-done. If it was created between backups, it's like the money left in the open vault -- it's gone and there's no getting it back. It has to be re-created from scratch, and a great deal of time, effort and money have been lost.

Just as funds in a bank are continuously protected, your computer data should be protected with a solution that acts as an "additional layer" to backups, so that real-time protection is always occurring and real-time recovery is always possible. Instead of the hours, days, maybe even weeks lost to accidentally deleted files -- not to mention lost income -- a file can be recovered instantly, with the simple click of a mouse. And without the frantic call to the help desk and the requirement of valuable IT hours searching through backup.

This same solution also allows for the retrieval of earlier versions of other file types which normally cannot be recovered in any circumstances, such as earlier, over-written versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.

Protect your data as you would your money: with real-time protection and real-time recovery capabilities.

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