SOURCE: PetVitamins, Inc.

PetVitamins, Inc.

February 20, 2009 10:44 ET

Howling Success of PetVitamins™ Inauguration

How a Boutique Biopharmaceutical Outfit Is Quietly Taking Over the Fortified Pet Care Products Industry

POMPANO BEACH, FL--(Marketwire - February 20, 2009) - Deeply rooted in R&D, PetVitamins ( is submitting to quality standards unheard of in the animal health arena. "You could say that PetVitamins is acting as his own watchdog," acquiesce industry insiders.

The popularity of PetVitamins' first offspring "Snap'N'Swab™" is spreading like wildfire -- fueled by the word of mouth of a handful of fervent early adopters.

"Snap'N'Swab is just an awesome product," explains Martine Lacombe, first in command at PetVitamins' Pompano Beach, Florida headquarters. "Too often, companies associate innovation with complication. Snap'N'Swab's greatest appeal is its simplicity."

And simple it is. Snap'N'Swabs™ are single-use formula-filled cotton tip applicators. It's both the treatment AND the way to deliver it packaged together. Each travel size pack is only slightly wider than a credit card, yet contains 24 swabs designed for either First Aid, Eye, Oral, or Ear care.

With its honest success and industry accolades, PetVitamins™ is living up to its motto of being "The Healthy, Happy Pet Company."

PetVitamins™ is an offshoot of a biopharmaceutical company that has been revolutionizing the human nutraceutical market for over 10 years. PetVitamins' unique innovations -- developed at great R&D expenses -- are now available for animal companions.

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