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August 18, 2009 13:01 ET

Hoxworth Blood Center Selects Mediware Technology to Streamline Order Management and Increase Productivity

OrderTrak Software to Drive Order Efficiencies in 32 Hospitals Across 17 Counties in the Cincinnati Area

LENEXA, KS--(Marketwire - August 18, 2009) - Mediware Information Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MEDW) announced today that Hoxworth Blood Center has licensed the OrderTrak, Mediware's online blood ordering software system. Hoxworth, University of Cincinnati, serves 32 hospitals across a tri-state area and expects to leverage the product to improve efficiency and productivity for hospital and blood center staff, as well as increase order accuracy through automation.

OrderTrak is an online ordering environment that enables hospitals to order blood products from the Blood Center, then track their shipments, review order histories and analyze use patterns. OrderTrak is one of Mediware's newer Blood Center Technologies offerings and provides demonstrable value for both blood centers and their hospital customers.

"Hoxworth has a close relationship with our customers and we meet annually with each hospital to understand how we can best meet their goals," said Scott Inscho, Division Director of Finance at Hoxworth. "One of the areas of improvement we discussed recently was order management. Collectively we sought a solution that allowed us to streamline placing orders for our customers, while at the same time improve our productivity in filling these orders."

Using OrderTrak, Hoxworth hospital customers will log on to a secure web-based portal to place orders, review current orders and track order shipments that are in process. Through the tool they will be able to designate standard versus rush deliveries, define special processing needed for the blood products (such as irradiation) and place recurring orders for commonly used products.

"We really believe this will be a great benefit for both our staff as well as the staff in our hospital customers," said Inscho. "OrderTrak moves us into the ATM generation and will enable our customers with productivity enhancing ordering capabilities similar to the self-checkout capabilities in almost every grocery store. We believe it will change our workflow in the Blood Center to the point that we are rearranging our work areas around large central monitors that have an alarm for when new orders are received."

Last year Hoxworth collected more than 93,000 units of red blood cells and the organization is targeting 100,000 for the current year.

"Having order information, including pending orders and past orders, available at any time from any internet connection is just so much more efficient for everyone," continued Inscho. "While we will continue taking calls and faxes from our customers, we expect that the use of OrderTrak will dramatically decrease the number of calls our customers have to make related to blood orders. This will free them to manage their orders on their time as well as focus our staff on what we do best."

OrderTrak is part of Mediware blood center technology strategy that includes powerful clinical systems in combination with rich CRM-like donor recruitment capabilities to streamline blood drives, increase donor recruitment, and facilitate donor retention.

"OrderTrak represents a technology that addresses a cumbersome business process and can provide dramatic results in productivity and efficiency," said Thomas Mann, Mediware's president and chief executive officer. "We are very pleased to add Hoxworth to our growing family of customers."

Mediware's Blood Center Technologies (BCT) group provides blood centers the first integrated solution offering that spans from donor recruitment to distribution. As web based products, Mediware BCT offerings are flexibly offered individually or as an integrated platform. In addition to OrderTrak, Mediware's blood center solutions include:

     LifeTrak™:  Provides 510(k) cleared donor management capabilities
     including eligibility, laboratory and distribution;
     CoordinatorTrak™: Motivates drive coordinators with tools that save
     time and build loyalty;
     QualityTrak™: Captures donor satisfaction statistics to enhance
     customer service;
     CallTrak™: Improves the efficiency and effectiveness of
     tele-recruitment programs;
     SalesTrak™: Maximizes sales prospects through comprehensive
     customer and pipeline management; and
     DriveTrak™: Manages mobile drive recruitment including staff

Mediware's blood center customer base includes more than 350 facilities, including many of the largest independent blood centers in the United States as well as the American Red Cross.

About Hoxworth Blood Center

Hoxworth Blood Center, University of Cincinnati, is one of the oldest community blood centers in the United States, founded in 1938, and is the sole supplier of blood and blood services to 32 hospitals and medical centers in 17 counties in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. For information on donating, please visit

About Mediware

Mediware delivers blood and medication management software systems that encapsulate information supporting patient therapies, reinforce patient safety practices and improve efficiencies to lower costs. Mediware's customers include prestigious hospitals, clinics, correctional institutions, blood centers and other public and private health care institutions throughout the world. For more information about Mediware products and services, visit

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