October 04, 2010 18:25 ET

HPCI: A Couple of Girls From Alberta Cut Into TELUS, BELL and Rogers Profits By Nearly $1,000,000.00

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Oct. 4, 2010) -

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In business almost three years to the day, Heather Pauls, President and Founder of HPCI (www.hpci.ca), and her (all female) team of telecommunications experts have cut into TELUS, BELL and Rogers profits by nearly $1,000,000.00 Almost 100 businesses across Canada (mostly in Alberta) have enjoyed having HPCI on their side; going up against the massive telecommunications giants in Canada with one goal: to reduce their telecom expenses. HPCI (a privately owned, Alberta based corporation) negotiates corporate (small and large) telecommunications contracts by researching the competitive, often confusing landscape of cell phone, landline and internet plans and services on behalf of their clients. 

"The fact is the phone companies are in business to make money. Not to mention, that when most businesses are struggling to maintain profit levels they were enjoying three years ago, TELUS, BELL and Rogers are reporting records profit levels every year. We think that's proof of whose interests they're serving" says Pauls. She should know. She worked for TELUS Mobility for ten years in a Corporate Retention role. She knows all too well what TELUS, BELL and Rogers don't want their clients to know, for fear of cutting into their profits. 

She goes on to say "Our results have proven that the majority of businesses do not have the resources or the knowledge to manage this aspect of their business effectively. Plans and offers from BELL, TELUS and Rogers change almost daily; all in a bid to confuse the consumer. Who has time to dedicate that much time (or money) to ensure that the phone company is giving them the best deals? Most of our clients had believed that their corporate reps or dealers were watching out for them. Let's not forget those are commissioned corporate reps and dealers, whose livelihoods are dependent on how much money a company is spending. Our business model is contingency-based, and therefore, we're only paid if we're able to realize savings. This means our livelihoods are dependent on how much money a company is NOT spending. The reality is there's no-risk. It could be, they pay nothing for the reassurance that they're getting the best deals. We're willing to bet they're not."

So far, HPCI has undoubtedly won that bet! On average they've reduced their clients' telecom expenses by 42%, and put north of a million dollars back into their client's corporate coffers. Expanding nationally is on Pauls' radar. Perhaps if every company across Canada had HPCI on their side, the subject of "Economic Downturn" would be a thing of the past? Unless of course you're TELUS, BELL or Rogers. 

For more information on how HPCI Increases Profits by Minimizing Telecommunications Expenses, visit their website at www.hpci.ca, or call them at their Airdrie, Alberta office at (403) 456-2326. Or, you can email Heather Pauls directly at heather@hpci.ca.

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