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Holiday Systems International (HSI)

August 04, 2011 01:04 ET

HSI CEO Craig Morganson Recognized as Expert on Business, Management & Leadership

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - Aug 4, 2011) - Mr. Craig Morganson, the President and CEO of Holiday Systems International (HSI), has been recognized as an expert on business, management and leadership for many years. As a result, Mr. Craig Morganson was recently featured in two industry-related winter publications for his knowledge on leadership, including the Perspective Magazine, a timeshare and factional ownership trade magazine, and the Corporate Association of Resort Exchanges (C.A.R.E.) publication. The subject of both articles was the success of a leadership-focused panel discussion lead by moderator and speaker Mr. Craig Morganson. The panel was a part of the C.A.R.E. conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, a three-day symposium at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort held on September 25-28, 2010.

As the current owner, President and CEO (since 1993) of Holiday Systems International, a leading company in the private-client vacation industry, Mr. Craig Morganson is a frequent contributor to many industry-oriented publications and is sought for his expertise in all business-related matters. He has been a guest speaker at universities, colleges and industry events on numerous occasions, and has served in several officer positions in industry-wide organizations, including Trustee Member, Committee Member, Task Force Member, Think Tank Member, Speaker, Awards Gala Presenter, and more. Under Mr. Craig Morganson's leadership, Holiday Systems International has been the Awards Gala Presenting Sponsor, Convention Signature Sponsor, Keynote Speaker Sponsor, Headline Entertainment Sponsor and more. Mr. Craig Morganson says that success begins and ends with a passionate leader, stating:

"I believe PASSION is one of the most important characteristics of leadership. Without passion, no one will follow, and without followers there are no leaders and nothing gets done."

Mr. Craig Morganson encourages organizations to avoid getting caught up in "management" while neglecting leadership. Cultivating leaders within the organization begins by identifying the people who demonstrate the innate "package" of leadership characteristics and developing them through empowerment, exposure, challenge and sincere support. Additionally, an effective leader possesses both intellectual intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ), which function in tandem and are both critical to one's ability to direct and lead others. Mr. Craig Morganson stated:

"IQ, advanced degrees, and technical experience do NOT make leaders. You need to have your finger on the pulse of those around you. At HSI, we provide each new employee with books and CDs, one of which is How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie, which is designed to teach what motivates people."

Mr. Craig Morganson posed the following thought-provoking question to the audience regarding the importance of EQ in business leadership:

"How much of YOUR business is the result of companies wanting to do business with YOU personally vs. your actual products/services or OTHER staff members?"

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HSI was founded in 1993 by still President and CEO, Craig Morganson. Mr. Craig Morganson is a leader in the travel industry and manages HSI with a firm commitment to consumer value and customer service. HSI has a 19-year history of providing cutting-edge technology and exclusive products/services to a private clientele.

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