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March 06, 2012 09:00 ET

HTML5 Game Developers Get Native Performance; Can Boost Frames Per Second by 1,000 Percent in Just Minutes

"CocoonJS" From Ludei Requires No Code Changes or New API to Distribute Your JavaScript Games Natively in the App Store and Android Market

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Mar 6, 2012) - GDC -- Ludei, the games technology company based in San Francisco, today announced that their flagship product, CocoonJS, is now providing game developers with an easy -- and free -- way to turn HTML5 games into iOS and Android apps without changing any code while boosting performance.

Ludei also announced the official Public Beta and a new CocoonJS Launcher for iOS and Android for developers to see how their game works in CocoonJS. Details can be found at

HTML5 game developers can also check out Ludei and CocoonJS at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco at the Smartphone Games Summit.

"HTML5 solves the problem of cross compatibility because most developers are familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript but the problem is the lack of support and subpar performance for HTML5 games on mobile web browsers," said Eneko Knorr, founder of Ludei. "Unfortunately, the current technologies that support HTML5 games to run as native apps add another layer of complexity since the developer has to learn how to use their API's, and complex libraries. Our CocoonJS platform solves both the performance problem and learning curve problem by accelerating the canvas and the fact that our platform is as simple as zipping a folder."

How CocoonJS Works
1.-Executes JavaScript HTML5 canvas-based games in mobile platforms with no code changes.
2.-Boosts the performance HTML5 game in a mobile platform up to 1000% compared to a mobile browser.
3.-Monetization using ad networks (banners, interstitials and videos) and in-app purchases.
4.-Additional services like online multiplayer infrastructure, easy integration with social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and access to the device-specific hardware like the camera or GPS, etc.

Video Demonstration
To see CocoonJS in action go to:

Appoint Solutions SARL, a developer of mobile and web applications based in Holland, turned to CocoonJS to create MonsterMove, a mobile game with fast moving graphics, realtime multiplayer gameplay and interaction, and multichannel sound, all using HTML5 techniques deployed to iOS, Android and Facebook with a single code-base.

"We found CocoonJS to be a seamless environment that runs HTML5 games without any changes," said Rob Boerman, co-founder, Appoint Solutions. "CocoonJS solves all our problems, providing around 50 frames per second rendering speeds, multichannel sound and Websockets without delay. It also gives us easy ad-network integration and more. Almost all HTML5 functionalities like sound, canvas operations, local storage and sockets are supported transparently."

Ludei's HTML5 game Sumon is available on Facebook, iOS and Android. This is the best example of an HTML5 game using CocoonJS's cross-platform deployment with performance boost.

About Ludei
Ludei is based in San Francisco with offices in Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain). Ludei has created successful native mobile games such as iBasket and, recently, Slide Soccer. More than 15 million people from 100+ countries have downloaded a game by Ludei. Ludei is focused on giving developers the best cross platform technology among the web, mobile and tablet through its CocoonJS product. Check it out at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco at the Smartphone Games Summit or on the web at

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