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April 04, 2011 07:45 ET

Huawei Symantec Debuts T-Series Disk Storage Systems

New Portfolio Expected to Fill the Void Left by Storage Vendor Consolidation

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - April 4, 2011) - Huawei Symantec Technologies Co., Ltd., a leading provider of network storage and security solutions, today unveiled the Oceanspace T-Series, a family of scalable storage systems tailored for medium-sized enterprises. For data center managers, T-Series systems stand-out by maximizing storage consolidation with the highest capacity per controller; by automating performance tuning with migration of data to the optimum storage tier; and by reducing energy usage with aggressive power management. For channel partners looking to fill the void left by storage vendor consolidation, high-value T-Series storage is their new wingman.

"High-availability, high-performance and a broad suite of software, which a few years ago were found only in high-end disk arrays, are expected today in mid-range systems," said Jane Li, General Manager of North America, Huawei Symantec. "Storage partners will find the feature-rich T-Series is well-suited for data center environments."

Oceanspace T-Series: Powerful, Flexible, Easy

T-Series is a family of SAN systems pre-packaged with the power, flexibility and ease-of-use needed in core data center storage applications, including storage consolidation and remote replication for disaster recovery.

Powerful -- A fully redundant T-Series system can support well over 1,000 disk drives for massive storage consolidation. T-Series systems support connectivity to the fastest SANs on the planet: 8Gb Fibre Channel and 10Gb iSCSI. Smart Cache technology inside each T-Series system tunes the performance of the system by automatically migrating data to the SSD tier that will provide the optimum balance of performance and cost.

Flexible -- Modular T-Series hardware allows scalability one building block at a time. Administrator-defined energy saving policies control auto disk sleep, fan speed tuning and even CPU speed tuning. In addition, a broad suite of software gives data center administrators the agility to deploy a variety of storage applications, such as remote replication for disaster recovery, with a single license.

Easy -- The friendly graphical user interface provides point-and-click control of a broad suite of powerful system and storage management functions.

The T-Series family of storage systems announced today includes four models:

Oceanspace S5500T -- Up to 288 SSDs / SAS, or SATA HDDs
Oceanspace S5600T -- Up to 576 SSDs / SAS, SATA or FC HDDs
Oceanspace S5800T -- Up to 1,152 SSDs / SAS, SATA or FC HDDs
Oceanspace S6800T -- Up to 1,440 SSDs / SAS, SATA or FC HDDs

Huawei Symantec T-Series systems are now available to value-added resellers from Condre Storage and SYNNEX.

Huawei Symantec is a contributing sponsor of Storage Networking World Spring 2011 (April 4-7; Santa Clara, CA) and will be available at booth #315 to discuss today's product news, distributor partner relationships and customer questions.

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