Working Families

Working Families

September 30, 2011 20:28 ET

Hudak's Attack on Organized Labour Will Weaken All Workers

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 30, 2011) - "Tim Hudak's recent attempt to separate workers from those who represent them is yet another sign of a right-wing agenda that he and his party have in store for Ontario's working families," warned Patrick Dillon, spokesperson for the organization Working Families.

"Hudak's pledge to meet with labour leaders after the election comes rather late, as he has repeatedly refused to meet with the Building Trades and other groups in the lead-up to the election campaign" added Dillon, noting that "the last eight years of relative labour peace could come to an abrupt end if Hudak becomes the Premier of Ontario. It is exactly the same tactic that Wisconsin Gov. Walker used that led to some of the strongest confrontations in American labour history."

Hudak and the Ontario PCs' are calling for policies in their Changebook that will jeopardize the hard-won rights that workers have achieved through collective bargaining and advocacy. "All options are on the table," proclaimed Hudak, indicating just how far he is prepared to go in silencing the voice of working men and women in Ontario.

"Hudak's plan and his approach are very much like the southern states he draws inspiration from. Ontario should not be racing to the bottom where his proposed cuts will depress wages, reduce benefits and put people out of work, whether they are unionized or not; and that amounts to risky change we can't afford," added Dillon.

"Hudak and the Ontario Progressive Conservative campaign have put out false information and are trying to whip up public attitude against organized labour," Dillon pointed out. "Among the falsehoods are public funds being used to pay for staff salaries and for the Working Families campaign. I challenge Tim to release all the salaries for his party and staff. Unions are open and transparent providing that information to their members through their democratically-established constitutions and by-laws."

"It seems like every time he speaks about organized workers and their representatives Hudak has an emotional response whereby he is incensed by the activities of workers," said Dillon. "Hudak displays a shocking lack of knowledge of labour relations. He should know that workers have a right to decide on how their hard-earned money is spent. They don't need to take advice from a politician who is determined to put an end to their collective rights."

Working Families is supported by over half-a-million Ontarians who work in the private and public sectors.

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