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October 29, 2015 13:58 ET

Human Roots Expanding Sales Throughout the United States

Herbal Supplements and Detox Products to Be Available to Wider Range of Customers

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - October 29, 2015) - Human Roots, a company dedicated to the development of a variety of high-quality herbal supplements and detox products, announced it is taking new efforts to expand its sales across the United States.

Human Roots is steeped in a long tradition of self-healing cultivated most notably by monks, healers and Chinese herbalist for centuries. Modern day treatment for those recovering from addiction is poor. Success rates for those in treatment are at an all time low. Roughly 5% of "treated" substance abusers are successful with long-term sobriety. Human Roots can dramatically increase positive outcomes in treatment by easing the symptoms most commonly reported by those recovering. By easing these symptoms, we allow people to focus more on their recovery plan.

Substance abuse has been consistently prevalent throughout time, not discriminating against race, age, profession or geography. The products made by Human Roots are truly revolutionary and awe-inspiring. It's truly amazing that these supplements are derived from the earth, with all of the ingredients naturally occurring in the wild. Human Roots is the only herbal supplement on the market that utilizes Chinese herbs for the specific purpose of aiding with the side effects of substance abuse.

Most importantly, these supplements are non-narcotic and non-addictive. Purity, simplicity and sustainability, these principals make Human Roots and its product line truly remarkable. The advent of a product like this is stunning and countless lives could be changed as a result.

"We're pleased to be ramping up our marketing and increasing the availability of our products," said Mikel Carver, President of Human Roots. "We've seen a fair amount of success already with our products, and we're ready to take them to a larger stage. We want to help people across the nation to get healthy and feel better."

In addition to Human Roots, the Brothers Carver operate Zen Recovery Path, a substance abuse treatment center. The treatment center utilizes five unique product offerings from Human Roots to help treat people in recovery. It accomplishes this by fighting the many side effects that patients experience during the early stages of substance abuse treatment. The five products include supplements designed to battle fatigue, provide relief from uncomfortable detox symptoms, support the immune and nervous systems and combat both occasional and chronic sleeplessness.

In the three years that Zen Recovery Path has been utilizing Human Roots formulas in their treatment program, they have seen a significant difference in the recovery of people struggling with addiction.

Oddly, the field of substance abuse treatment has habitually ignored non-narcotic supplements to aid with withdrawal, recovery and renewal. There is certainly a sizeable market that is in need of products like these, especially existing in an era in which over 23 million Americans suffer with addiction. Until the conception of Human Roots, recovering people only had the options of quitting cold turkey, taking a narcotic substitute designed to aid withdrawal symptoms and/or joining one of the numerous anonymous support groups that meet daily around the world. While these options have definitely proven to be successful in certain cases, there has never been an effective, non-narcotic supplement to help people persevere through the painful and debilitating detoxification phase of treatment. Human Roots can be used as an alternate treatment plan or as a supplemental tool with any current treatment method.

The U.S expansion should turn Human Roots into a cornerstone presence in the substance abuse recovery and treatment community.

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